Friday, December 14, 2007

How to Find the "Sweet Spot" in Your Business

Imagine the feeling of having everything in your business flow easily, effortless and abundantly.... where your ideal clients are happy to pay you for your products and services and you are having a blast in your business. You feel the energy and anticipation of everything coming together and your hard work and disciplined mindset are paying off in the results you experience every day. This is when you know you’re in the “sweet spot” of your business.

Being married to a baseball fanatic and author of Stepping Up to the Plate, this is one of the few times I can actually share a baseball analogy and know what I’m talking about. Ha! If you’ve seen a talented batter hit the ball in the exact right spot, at the exact right time with the exact right speed, you can tell by the cracking sound of the bat that it hit the “sweet spot”. And, the batter KNOWS, without out a doubt, the ball is “gone”... a home run!

Now, a batter practices swinging a gazillion times to learn how to hit the “sweet spot”. But, how can you find this “sweet spot” in your business? What can you (as a conscious entrepreneur) be doing, thinking and intending to find this zone for you and your business? I’ve been hearing this question from clients and colleagues lately as they’ve witnessed my transformation from a challenging, struggling business to a solid, expanding business.

So, let me share my secrets with you. These four components are explored more deeply in my forthcoming book, The Freedom Formula: How to Put Soul in Your Business and Money in Your Bank (February 2008), but I want to share the basics with you here because they are ESSENTIAL for your conscious business success.

1. Make Money

To find the “sweet spot” in your business, you always need to have your bottom-line in mind. Now, for conscious entrepreneurs this can be a challenge (at least, I know it was for me) because your mission is to serve people, to help them and make this world a better place. Am I right? This is good! But, you deserve to be paid well for the products and services you offer. If your business isn’t set up to make money, your “sweet spot” will remain a mystery.

2. Make a Difference

This is probably an easy one for you. Because, as I mentioned in component one, your commitment to making a difference is at the core foundation of your business. Chances are you even started your business because you wanted to have a positive impact on the world. When your business is energetically aligned with improving the lives of others AND you are paid for doing this, you’re a step closer to your “sweet spot.”

3. Be Who You Are

This may be the most important component to finding your “sweet spot”. In today’s ever evolving business climate, with new industries and new models popping up every day, it can be challenging to stay 110% true to who you are. You learn about a new technique, or a new “competitor” has entered your market, and you begin to adjust your direction to align more with what’s happening in the external world. When, the truth is, your “sweet spot” can only be found when you dive deeper and deeper into being authentically who YOU are. And, bring your authentic self out into the market. Remember, nobody can duplicate you... you’re ONE OF A KIND!

4. Trust in Your Divine Plan

Ahhh, this is such a glorious component to keep in mind as you discover the “sweet spot” in your business. Because, at the core, your business is an expression of your soul... and your soul is on a divinely guided journey. So, when the going gets tough, remember to trust in your higher plan and elevate your perspective up out of the minutia of your business. Your “sweet spot” becomes more visible the more you trust in the unfolding of your Divine plan. You are being guided every step of the way.

The “sweet spot” in your business is already there for you to enjoy. Your job now is to embrace these four components and begin living them in your business everyday. And, if one of the components feels like a challenge, then spend some time in meditation or journaling about it and see what answers show up. It’s all there, and it’s all yours for the asking!

© 2007 Christine Kloser

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Success is a Decision

Have you ever wondered why some people succeed and others fail? Maybe you're discouraged that your colleague's phone is ringing off the hook and your phone hasn't rung in weeks (or months). Believe me; I know what it's like to be there. For years, I used to look all around me and see abundant success for others... and wonder if it was ever going to happen for me.

Deep down inside, my Divine Self, knew the answer was a resounding, "YES!". But, on the surface, sometimes the situation seemed so dismal my human mind doubted that I'd ever see my dreams come true. I knew my doubt was part of the reason why I experienced challenges in my business, yet I didn't know how to release it and surrender completely to my Divine entrepreneurial journey.

Then, I realized that I hadn't yet DECIDED I was going to succeed. I hoped I would, I imagined I would, I prayed I would, but I hadn't decided I would... succeed. Once I made this powerful decision to succeed, everything changed. My hope changed to belief, my imagination transformed into reality and my prayers fueled my actions.

If you feel like it's time to put the power of decision to work for you, and your business... listen up. Here's a simple 4 step strategy for making your Divine decision to succeed.

Step 1: Assess Your Situation

Before you begin any journey, you first need to identify where you are. In this step, you'll set aside some time to reflect on your current situation. Then, you'll look directly at your current circumstances, even if they're unfavorable. A full evaluation of where you are (spiritually, financially and personally) establishes a starting point from which you can leap forward.

Step 2: Get Clear on What You Really Want

Next, once you've taken a look at your current situation, set it aside. And, allow yourself to create a clear vision of what you really want for your business, and your life. Don't worry about "how" you'll realize the vision; simply get clear on what it is. When creating your vision, it ought to be something that makes your heart sing; something that increases your energy when you think about it.

Step 3: Decide to Experience What You Really Want

Now, make the decision to experience your vision. Sometime this step will be a very subtle, simple shift in your being. Other times, this step will be a monumental moment that you'll remember for the rest of your life. Sometimes it will be a private moment between you and God; while other times it will be a public experience when you proclaim to others what you've decided for your life. Whatever way your decision is made, one thing remains the same... from that point forward everything changes.

Step 4: Demonstrate Your Decision

No decision is complete without demonstrating your decision in the physical world. (Warning: This is the most common step where people stop.) Once you make a powerful decision, it lacks ENERGY until it's backed by tangible action. Demonstrating your commitment to your decision by taking a specific action, is the most important (and sometimes the scariest) step to seeing your dreams become realized.

This four-step strategy is very simple to follow, but simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy. At times, making the decision to succeed can feel gut-wrenching, especially if it means having to let go of something you’ve been attached to for a long time (this happened to me when I decided to succeed). But, no matter what decision you face, when you follow this four-step strategy, your decision will propel you toward your dreams.

© 2007 Christine Kloser

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Three Reasons to Diversify Your Learning

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a seminar room hearing the same information over and over again? I admit this has happened to me many times. While business seminars are a great way to network, be “visible”, and learn (or be reminded of) some great business strategies, it’ll serve you well to diversity your learning.

I speak about this from the personal experience I recently had at the Evolutionary Women retreat. It was the first “non-business” event I attended in more years than I care to count. I had been so focused on “business, business, business” that I only invested my time, money and energy in business focused seminars and conferences. Along the way, I’ve learned invaluable information that has changed my business, and my life.

But, it’s gotten to a point now where I realize I know everything I needed to know to grow my business right now. I don’t need any more information... or any more ideas to distract me from my mission and purpose. (I’m sure you can relate to what I’m talking about.) Sure, I’ll still attend business event for the networking aspects, but I’ve decided to invest more of my time, money and energy into more diverse events this coming year.

There are three reasons to diversity your learning, especially as a conscious entrepreneur; because your business only evolves as much as you do. If you’re not exposing yourself to new and diverse environments for learning, you may be missing out on the exact experience that’s going to help everything fall into place. So, get ready to open your heart and soul to new opportunities that excite, and call you... opportunities that invite you to discover and BE more of who you are. In case you’re not already convinced it’s time to expand your horizons, here are three reasons to get on board:

Reason #1: New Understanding
Notice that I didn’t say new knowledge. You already know so much, I doubt you really need to learn a whole lot more. I use the word “understanding” because, as a conscious entrepreneur, it’s your responsibility to continually deepen your understanding; understanding of yourself, others, your passion, your purpose, your spirituality, your fears, your priorities... everything. The more you understand who you are, where you are, where you’re going and the “reason” for it all... the easier the journey is to getting there. For instance, as a result of being at the Evolutionary Women conference I have a much deeper understanding of how important it is for me to attend more spiritual events. This journey became instantly apparent to me the moment I entered the retreat center.

This type of understanding doesn’t come from sitting in a cramped row of a seminar room; it comes from exposing yourself to new environments that gift you the time and space to be with yourself and others for a purpose other than growing your business.

Reason #2: New Perspective
Allowing yourself to be in a new learning environment opens you up to gaining an entirely new perspective. When you attend the same types of events over and over again (with the same people over and over again) it can begin to feel like very close quarters because everyone already knows you. And as far as the learning and sharing goes, it’s all about the same information making its “rounds” again. Everyone has the same perspective.

Whereas, when you enter into a completely new learning environment, it’s easy to gain a new perspective because you’re surrounded by people who don’t already know you. The beauty in this is that they see (and respond to) exactly who you are right now, rather than who they knew you to be yesterday. This presence of moment is a gift that can very easily open your eyes to a new way of being, new wisdom, new insight and a new perspective on what’s next for you. I invite you, like I did, to attend an event where nobody knows you... you’ll also see YOURSELF from a new perspective.

Reason #3: New Relationships
The third reason to diversify your learning is to establish new relationships, because relationships are the most valuable asset you have in your business. When you diversify your learning environments, you instantly diversify the types of people you meet and the relationships you establish. It’s such a gift to enter a new environment without a “business” agenda. There’s space for you to know someone for who they are outside of business, and vice versa... you’ll be known as someone other than the person on your business card. The connections can run much deeper when it’s not about business first.

For instance, when I was at Evolutionary Women, nobody knew me as “The Conscious Business Coach” or a book publisher. And, I established the beginnings of some great relationships that were not based on business. But, as it turns out these relationships are already translating into business. I’ll be publishing a book for many of the women that were there, got a speaking engagement, and I met someone who is going to promote my upcoming book, The Freedom Formula to her list of nearly 40,000 people. We connected from the heart first, and things transpired from there.

As you can see from these three reasons to diversify your learning, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I admit, sometimes it’s scary to enter a new room where nobody knows you, and all the faces are new. But, there’s such extraordinary possibility that occurs in these new environments that it’s well worth taking the risk to try something new.

© 2007 Christine Kloser

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Be Who You Are

If you’ve ever felt like you had to hide a part of yourself in your business, it’s not a conscious business. A conscious business draws forth every ounce of your spirit and calls you to be more of who you are. Your conscious business needs you to be who you are because that is exactly where your success lies.

Too often, business owners feel like they “should” be a certain way in business, and a different way in life. It’s just not true. The only way to succeed as a conscious business owner is to be all of you, all the time. The very qualities and characteristics that make you, you, are the exact qualities and characteristics your business (and customers and clients) need you to be.
It’s incredibly challenging to put on your “game face” to try to fit into someone else’s idea of who you should be. Or, worse yet, your own misguided idea of who you think you should be. The glory truly comes in surrendering to exactly who you are. Yes, every tender loving ounce of your being; quirks, idiosyncrasies... and all. Those are the things that make you who you are, who God meant for you to be the moment you were born.

One side benefit of being fully who you are in your conscious business is that you have no “competition.” Nobody can be you. Nobody can duplicate your heart and soul. Nobody can exude you, but you. So, the more you are fully yourself, the more you distinguish yourself in an overcrowded market of entrepreneurs who are trying to be someone else.

In so doing, you will only attract those customers and clients who are meant to work with you. Because, being who you are is the strongest asset you can have as a business owner. The “secret formula” of you can never be knocked-off. And, oh, what fun it is to discover that your most important role in your business is to be more of your Divine self. How lucky you are that this is your highest mission in your business, and your life. How blessed you are that deep down inside you probably already know this. Perhaps right now you’re even nodding your head “yes” in thankful agreement that you get to discover and share more of yourself through your business. Awesome, isn’t it!

So, I invite you to be the glorious being you are. Embrace every thing that feels easy, natural and graceful. It’s these very things that guide you to experience more of yourself. While these experiences may not seem like anything spectacular, they are in fact... everything. They only seem like nothing to you because you’re blind to seeing that which is innately you. When you’re simply being you and doing all that comes naturally as your Divine self, success flows with ease.

© 2007 Christine Kloser

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Leap Your Way to Success

What would you say if I told you there was a simple way to leap to your next level of success? You’d probably say, “Well, what is it? I want to know!” The concept is called leap frogging and it was first introduced to me by my friend, colleague and mentor, Alexandria Brown. It’s a concept that eliminates the old corporate paradigm of ladder climbing; the concept of having to “pay dues” or “work hard and struggle” to get ahead.

Leap frogging, in my opinion, is a spiritual practice because it requires raising your emotional and energetic state above that which you currently experience, and trusting in God/Source/Universal Flow. For instance, if you’re a $75/hour coach and feel comfortable with that rate, you would leapfrog by lifting yourself to the feeling of being a $250/hour coach (or whatever rate you desire), AND you’d deepen your connection to the Universal Source that is conspiring for your greatest good.

There isn’t any law that says you have to work hard and climb ladders; that’s simply an illusion. God says, ‘Even before you ask I will have answered.’ So, what you’re asking for is already there for you... IF you are aligned with your desire. What I mean by that is, if you say you want to be a $250/hour coach and feel like a fake when you say it, you are not a aligned with what you desire... you are aligned with feeling like a fake. So, of course, the Universe cannot deliver on such a misaligned intention and leap frogging is impossible.

So, the real job of leap frogging is doing the inner work of having your emotions and your energy fully resonate with ‘what you say you want’. This, my friend, is the path of the conscious entrepreneur; it’s a continual evolution in your awareness, energy, emotions, desires and your connection to the limitless Source that provides you everything you desire.

I’d like to share a quick story about one of my personal experiences with leap frogging. It was at my Conscious Business Retreat in 2006 where I was reintroducing myself as a coach after taking some time off to start my family.

When I had stopped coaching in 2003, I charged $350 per month for three 45-minute sessions. After all, that was what I saw most coaches doing, so I figured I would do the same thing. But, now that I was reintroducing my coaching services, $350 didn’t feel right anymore. And, so I began the journey of developing my new programs and rate structure. I consulted with colleagues, took into consideration my life, the value of my time, the types of clients I wanted to work with, and created a coaching offering that met all of my needs.

When I crunched the numbers and assessed what my hourly rate should be, I nearly fell over. My calculation (based on Dan Kennedy’s formula to determine the value of your time) was $500/hour... a far cry from $350 per month. And, I was designing a coaching package that included 11 hours of my time which totaled $5,500 per day.

I had quite a challenge saying that number without coughing or gasping in the middle of it rolling off my tongue. So, before I introduced this package, I spent some quiet time meditating in the mountains and allowed a number slightly less than $5,500 to resonate with me. It was a culmination of the loving guidance I received from colleagues, and allowing myself to get quiet with God to see what felt right in my heart. I knew I ‘hit the mark’ when I sold out my coaching spots within 24 hours. The more I evolve and learn, and the more I connect with Source, the easier it’s been to raise my rates. Now my intensive coaching days have been raised to $5,500 and I don’t cough at all when I say it.

This is the heart of leap frogging, you must become an aligned match with that which you desire. And, it all begins with an honest assessment of where you stand right now with regard to your desires, and your faith in them being realized. Every journey has a starting point from which you will grow, evolve, and transform. Your starting point is right here, right now, and the path that lies ahead is illuminated and waiting for you to take your next leap.

© 2007 Christine Kloser

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Power of Saying "No"

Remember the t-shirts that said, “What part of NO don’t you understand?” I used to get a kick every time I saw that t-shirt. Because, I was the type of person who found the word “no” very difficult to say. And, here was someone who wore it proudly on their shirt... that they were a person who LIKED saying no. Thankfully, I’ve come a long way with regards to the word “no” and while you’ll never see me wearing a “no” t-shirt, you will hear me say “no” more often than not. I bring this up to you now, because “no” is considered an action word. In fact, some of the most challenging actions you’ll take in your business (and life) will be to say “no” to something, or someone.

But, for many conscious business owners, your sensitivity and awareness of others as Divine beings, significantly increases the ease in which you say “yes”... and you don’t even entertain the thought of saying “no, thank you.” It’s understandable that you want to help others, and be of service to them, but saying “yes” when you really feel like saying “no” sends conflicting, confusing and unclear message to the Universe.

So, why is it so powerful to say "no?" Because every time you say “no” to what you don’t want, you’re saying “YES” to what you do want. Saying “no” adds energy to that which you desire more of and sends a clear signal to God that you’re willing to make decisions that support your highest good. Yes, even if that means’s saying “no.”

The biggest barrier you’ll face in saying “no” is the fear of letting others down. When that fear leads you, you let yourself down, and you let God down. You’re not supposed to do things that don’t feel right to you. Remember, your job as a conscious business owners it to keep your emotions and energies up into the higher vibrational realms, and it’s impossible to do that if you’re always doing things you wish you didn’t have to do.

So, start saying no. If it doesn’t feel right to say “yes”, it’s not aligned with your Divine plan. You’ll know when it’s the right thing to say “yes” because it’ll increase your energy, fill your heart and bring a sense of satisfaction to your soul.

© 2007 Christine Kloser

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The “God’s Eye View” of Your Life

Excerpt from her forthcoming book, The Freedom Formula: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Conscious Business Success

Are you familiar with the expression of a “bird’s eye view”. It’s when you view things from a bird’s perspective; far different than that which you see standing on earth. A bird’s eye view allows you to grasp the entire landscape and see the interconnectedness of things that appear separate when you view them from land.

The reason I talk about a “bird’s eye view” is because this concept lead me to facilitate a process at my Conscious Business Retreat, in which the participants were invited to write about their life from God’s perspective. This exercise proved to be one of the most powerful retreat experiences, which is why I’m sharing it with you. Grasping a sense of your life from God’s perspective is an invaluable tool for every conscious business owner to consider.

What do you think God would say about your life right now, and where you’ve been and where you’re going? Stop for a moment and reread that sentence again. What do you think God would say about your life right now, and where you’ve been and where you’re going? Interesting perspective to think about, isn’t it?

I doubt the thoughts of lack, limitation and doubt wouldn’t even enter his mind. Because the one Source (God) is the ultimate unlimited source of all abundance in the world, and that is exactly the perspective he would have on your life; that all things are conspiring for your highest and most divine self-expression in the world.

So, now I invite you into the 4-step process of taking a look at your life from a God’s Eye View. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Reflect on Your Past
Take a moment to reflect on your past. Identify some of the peaks and valleys of your prior experience. Connect with who you’ve become as a result of all these experiences... the good and the not so good. Look to see how your past experiences have brought you wisdom, strength, love, insight, commitment, passion, conviction, friendship, resourcefulness, resolve, etc. Allow yourself to see the Divine Order of each and every experience.

Step 2: Connect with This Moment
Next, allow yourself to connect deeply with this moment, and the life that you are currently living. Embrace all of your current success and dreams along with any challenges that may be showing up in your life right now. Allow yourself to fully appreciate the place that you’re at today. And, again, allow yourself to see the Divine Order of each and every experience.

Step 3: Look to Your Future
Look forward on the path that lies ahead of you. Let your imagination flourish as you envision everything your heart desires becoming real for you. Envision your life as it unfolds perfectly, even exceeding your greatest dreams. As you envision your future, leave room for things you can’t imagine right now... knowing that God’s plan for your life is so much bigger than that which you can see from your human perspective. And again, allow yourself to see the Divine Order of each and every future experience.

Step 4: Write your God’s Eye View
Now, in a space of quietude, perhaps outside in nature, or in front of a glowing candle, review the above three steps. And, begin to write freely about your past, present and future experiences... as if you were God writing about what he sees in (and for) your life. Let your imagination and creativity soar as you envision God’s Eye View. In case you are stuck getting started, here’s a line you can use to begin the process: “As God, in this elevated perspective, I can see every step of your journey as divinely guided by me. I see...”

Now that you’ve written the God’s Eye View of your life, you can reread it over and over again. Every time you feel stopped, or filled with fear, lack or doubt, you can take out this piece of paper and remind yourself of the perfection of the divine unfolding of your life.

© 2007 Christine Kloser

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

3 Easy Ways to Build Your Platform

Did you know the most important asset you have in your business is your platform? It’s true. You may be asking what your “platform” is? Well, it’s like your personal portfolio for your business. It includes media you’ve received, awards you’ve won, your websites, your blog, your ezine subscribers, your books, your products... your speaking engagements, your client list, testimonials... basically everything that represents the solidity of you and your business.

I admit I was surprised when I first learned this, too. After all, so many entrepreneurs focus on delivering their product or service without focusing on building their platform. Whether or not you ever want to be on Oprah, get a six-figure advance, or be written up in the New York Times, your platform is still important... because it represents how well you are sharing your valuable work with the world. And, that, my friend is why you’re in business, isn’t it? This isn’t about being “famous”; it’s about being well known and respected in your field of expertise. I call this underground celebrity. You know, the kind where nobody “out there” knows who you are, but when you’re around “your people” you feel like a celebrity.

The good news is there are a few simple things you can do to build your platform. Here are my top three ways to get started today:

1. Publish an email newsletter.

Every business owner needs to be growing their list of potential clients and customers. And, the quickest and most inexpensive way to do this is publishing an email newsletter. It can be easy to get started by simply emailing your newsletter to a few friends and family members who give you permission to do so. (PLEASE get their permission, or it’s considered illegal SP^AM.)

To start, decide how often you’re going to publish your newsletter and stick to that schedule, whether you send it to one person or thousands of people. Most Internet marketers suggest a frequency of at least twice per month. Then, decide what content you’ll put in your newsletter. You could include a personal greeting, article, tip, calendar of your events, recommended resources, or anything else that will serve your audience and be of VALUE. Do not make your newsletter entirely self-promotional. Your list will grow because of the valuable information you share with your target audience. But, do be sure to showcase your expertise. After all, this is about building your platform and become an “underground celebrity.”

2. Begin public speaking.

I know there are statistics showing most people would rather die than speak in front of an audience. Sorry, but if you want to build your platform fast, you’re going to have to get used to speaking in front of an audience. It’s easier to get more business, when you get out there and showcase your expertise... in public.

The best place to start speaking is at local networking meetings. Check out the calendar of events in your town newspaper and see what “happenings” are going on. Make note of any organizations or groups that list a speaker as part of their meeting agenda. Then, let your fingers do the walking via telephone or keyboard and pitch yourself as a speaker. (Or better yet, delegate this to your assistant.) Just make sure you have your talk title, description, bio and professional picture ready to be emailed prior to calling. Chances are the person you speak to will want to see this information. Another option is to put this information on your website and send them to that page. Then, once you’re in front of an audience, invite them to “opt-in” to get your FR^EE email newsletter so you can continue building a relationship with them... and eventually let them know about your products and services!

3. Get talked about in the media.

You may be thinking “Oprah” right off the bat. But, hold your horses. You’ve got a much better chance of being featured in your local newspaper than on “Oprah.” So, let’s focus on that. The first thing to keep in mind is local reporters are LOOKING for newsworthy stories. Your job is to make your message “news.”

The best way to do this is write a press release that pertains to something current in the news and tie it in to your area of expertise. For example, you’re a career expert and you read an article about a layoff in your town. Your press release would address the “news” of the local layoff and you would feature yourself as an expert by offering tips to discover a new career after losing your job. Get the idea? A little creativity will go a long way in tying your expertise to local news stories.

Remember this. When you submit your press release, do your homework. Make sure you are familiar with the publication/show you are pitching and find out WHO you should send your press release to, and in what format (email, fax, mail). The media will be happy to know you’re actually familiar with their publication/show. Lastly, keep a list of all the media exposure you receive as this is part of your platform. Prospect clients often choose to work with people who have a track record of being seen as an expert by the media.

Implementing simple platform building strategies like these will help build your foothold in your market. If you’re just getting started on your business, incorporate these strategies NOW so you’ve got an established platform as a foundation for your success. And, if you’re already somewhat established in business, but haven’t built your platform as much as you’d like... it’s never too late to start.

© 2007 Christine Kloser

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Hidden Power of a Circle

When you read the title of this article, what do you think about? What pictures come to mind? Did you imagine a bright red circle you’d use to teach a child about shapes? Perhaps you thought of a basketball hoop, or ball? Maybe you thought of a medicine wheel, or a full moon? Some of you probably thought about (if you’re a member).

If you’ve ever participated in an in-person Circle experience, then (like me) you probably thought about a circle of friends sitting around a glowing, peaceful candle; together for the sole purpose of supporting each other’s dreams, renewing your connection to Source, kindling the light in your hearts, and remembering to shine your light in the world.

Sounds like a tall order for a Circle; but it’s not. In fact, I did a bit of research about the symbolism of a circle and had to share it with you because it conveys the powerful meaning of this simple and ancient shape:

“The circle is perhaps the purest, most profound and the most common symbol in existence. With the probably infinite billions of stars, planets, moons and galaxies full of the same, the circle is well represented in the physical universe in the form of spheres. A circle, having no beginning or end, represents infinity, eternity, wholeness and femininity. Other meaningfully significant symbols or objects are circular: Stonehenge, Ouroboros, the Wheel of Life, a halo around the head of a saint, etc. In a very practical way, it can be said that circles rule the world.” Source:

I love that a circle represents infinity, eternity, wholeness and femininity. No wonder I named my coaching program the Conscious Business Circle. “Group” or any other name, just wouldn’t have had the same meaning.

But, what I want to share with you is the hidden power of a Circle experience. In fact, I am so moved by the Women’s Circles I’ve participated in for the past 7 years that I actually wrote a guidebook on How to Start and Successfully Run a Circle.

Ongoing participation in a face-to-face Circle experience is truly a profound, life-changing gift to anyone who fully engages in the power of their Circle. Here, I want to share 3 of the most powerful benefits I’ve received from my Circles over the past 7 years... in hopes that you will create YOUR Circle of like-minded friends and receive these benefits, too.

Stay Connected to Your Self
One of the most costly things that can happen to your Self (and your business) is to lose your connection to who you really are. It’s easy to disconnect from the deepest parts of you when life is filled with lengthy to-do lists, deadlines, managing a home, taking care of children and family and getting all the bills paid on time. Quiet, sacred time for yourself often gets pushed aside. A Circle experience always brings you instantly back to your Self... the moment you sit down and take a few deep, conscious breaths.

Strengthen Your Connection to God
One of my life-long values is to develop a deeper, more conscious connection to God. Participating in a Circle is a vehicle that deepens this connection ongoingly. Gathering in Circle and taking a few minutes to simply gaze upon the light of a candle while listening to beautiful peaceful music can bring you instant connection to that Source energy/god. The peacefulness, serenity, love and light that flows when you practice this with others is more powerful than doing the same thing alone.

Deepen Your Connection with Like-Minded Friends
Lasting, meaningful relationships with like-minded friends are one of the most valuable assets you can have. They are the ones who will be there to support you during the ‘lows’, celebrate your ‘highs’ and believe in you every step of the way. Typical social gatherings rarely offer an environment to deepen relationships at a deep, soulful level. Whereas, this is a huge benefit of participating in a Circle. You experience a connection with others that is rare, powerful and profound.

For a moment, right now, please take a deep relaxing breath and imagine yourself sitting in a circle of friends, in a room lit by the glow of candles, with peaceful music in the background. Now let all of your worries float away and enjoy a moment to simply BE. This is the power of a circle.

If you’re new to this concept and want to explore it further, your best place to begin is my simple guidebook to start your own circle. You can learn more at
© 2007 Christine Kloser

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Monday, July 9, 2007

3 Lessons I Learned from The Great Bear Roller Coaster

This past weekend I had a blast with my family at Hershey Park. As season pass holders we visit the park all the time. But, this time I learned a few surprising lessons about my business (and my life) when I decided to go on the Great Bear roller coaster. (Yes, that photo is the exact coaster I went on... dangling nearly 100 feet in the air at speeds over 60 mph.) What a rush!

So, what does my experience on the Great Bear coaster (named after the roaring sound it makes as it tosses and turns you in its corkscrews and loops) have to do with business? Here are the top 3 lessons I learned while the G-force riveted me to my seat.

Seize The Opportunity
Has an opportunity ever passed by that you wished you had taken? That’s how I’ve felt the past 10 times I’d left Hershey Park. I’d watch people on the Great Bear and wanted to go, or I heard the “roar” of the coaster on the tracks and I’d feel the pull to hop on line. But, I never did for one reason or another. But, this weekend was different. As I walked by the Great Bear I had a strong sense this was my time to “just do it.” With a quick glance to my husband and daughter I waved bye-bye and followed my instinct to get in line.

I can’t explain what caused me to seize the opportunity this time. Perhaps it was the way the park lit up at dusk, maybe it was because the line was short, or the gentle breeze in the evening air woke up my sense... perhaps it was because I just had a “warm up” run on the log flume with David and Janet Rose. Whatever it was I knew it was time to say “Yes”!

What I learned was that sometimes you have to take advantage of the opportunity the moment it feels right. Had we walked by the Great Bear 5 minutes earlier or 5 minutes later, it may not have been the right opportunity. So, keep your senses open and tuned into knowing when it’s time for your “roller coaster ride.”

Control... and Let Go
As I approached the coaster there were plenty of warning signs posted. “Hold the grab bar tightly and keep your head centered and firmly pressed against the head rest.” Then, the loudspeaker blasted the same warnings again. I noticed myself getting tense about holding the bar and pressing my head back. I asked myself, “Should I really be doing this”? But, once I got on the coaster and locked down my safety bar, and obeyed the safety warning.... I decided to control what I could (hold on and press my head back) and let go of everything else.

The same goes for my business; and yours too. It’s OK to control what you can and let go of everything else. You can control the amount of stress you put on yourself, you can control your attitude, you can control which clients you work with and who you choose to network with, etc. But, beyond those things within your control, you must venture into the world of trust, surrender and faith in the Divine unfolding of your business, and your life. There is a greater plan in place than your own, and the more you let go of thinking you have control over it, the more you can surrender and be lead on your Divine journey.

Just like the Great Bear took me on a “journey of the unknown”, the future of your business is a journey of the unknown. The more you let go (and trust your Divine plan), the more fluid and easy your journey becomes.

Enjoy The Ride
So there I am; going up a 100-foot incline about to be launched on a 60 mile per hour thrill ride and I’m loving it! Rather than participating in the collective screams of fellow riders, I found myself giggling and laughing as my feet dangled in the air and my body catapulted through corkscrews and loops. High atop one loop I managed to catch a glimpse of the shimmering lights and the pink dusky sunset and fully enjoyed every moment of the ride. As we pulled into the unloading dock I wished the ride had lasted longer, while being grateful for the time I had.

Sometimes in business, it’s easy to forget about enjoying the ride because you’re too busy, overwhelmed, scared or burned-out. But, no matter what stage of business you’re in; you have opportunities to enjoy the experience of being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is the journey of a lifetime and it’s meant to be enjoyed... even when you feel like you’re flying 60-miles per hour through twists and turns holding on for dear life. It’s in these moments especially, it’s important to seek the experience of joy! Remember... the “ride” will be over in the blink of an eye.

So, the next time you feel like your business is leading you on a roller coaster ride, remember to seize the opportunity, control what you can and let go of the rest, and enjoy the ride.

© 2007 Christine Kloser

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Friday, June 15, 2007

The Top 3 Ways to End Procrastination

Are there important projects on your “to do” list that haven’t been completed? Do you keep telling yourself you’re going to “get to them”, only to find they’re still on your list... month later. It doesn’t feel very good, does it? Especially as an entrepreneur because every project represents money in the bank, or a dream being realized.

Whenever I find myself in this situation (which is less and less these days), I follow one of these 3 ways to stop procrastinating and get going. But, before you read further, think about one project that’s been on your “to do” list for quite a while. And, at the end of this article make a decision to follow one of these courses of action to end your procrastination.

Make A Financial Commitment
You’ve probably heard the expression, “Put some skin in the game.” The “skin” this phrase refers to is money. So, if you’re on the fence about taking action on something, one of the best ways to break your inertia and start moving is to make a financial commitment to your goal. When you’ve got “skin” in the game, you have a good reason to get going... every DOLLAR is a reason!

For many entrepreneurs, myself included, I invest in a coach to help me achieve my goals. Something happens when you make a financial commitment (to yourself)... you want to get your money’s worth! So, if you’re the type of person who wants to get YOUR money’s worth, invest in a coach whose hourly rate is out of your comfort zone. Stretching beyond your comfort zone is the critical piece in stepping up your own business and ending procrastination.

For some people $50 is a stretch, for other $5,000 is a stretch, for other its $10,000. Whatever feels like a stretch to you, make that investment, and a commitment to get your money’s worth. The results will astound you. (And, if you haven’t yet checked out my $50/month coaching program, visit now... your first 2 Months are F-R-E-E).

Make A Public Commitment
Another way to end procrastination is to make a public commitment. A public commitment is one where you tell other people what you you’re going to do. When you have a commitment to other people, the responsibility to “make good” on your word will get you in gear to finally accomplish the project you’ve been putting off.
Here are a few examples of how you can make a public commitment:

  • Schedule a seminar you want to teach (and book the location)
  • Announce to your ezine subscribers about something you’re GOING to offer
  • Say “yes” to a speaking engagement before you have the speech written
  • Say “yes” to anything that fits in your business plan... BEFORE you’re “ready”
  • Pre-sell a product prior to it’s completion
  • Tell people you’re going to do something, and THEN figure out how to do it
Warning: Public commitments are not for the faint of heart. These types of commitments can be scarier than putting skin in the game. If you make a public commitment to stop your procrastination, be prepared to “sweat it out” a few times before it all comes together. On the other hand, this is a GREAT way to get your tush in gear

Delegate and Eliminate
Did you know that one of the best ways to end procrastination is to simply delete the task from YOU list. There are 2 ways to do this. The first method is to delegate whatever you keep putting off. You can use service like to quickly, easily and affordably, find sub-contractors for everything from copywriting and graphic design to website development, press releases and virtual assistance, etc. Delegate is one of my favorite ways to get things done... empower someone else to do it for you!

The other method to get things off your “to do” list without having to do them is to simply eliminate the project. Let’s face it. If it’s been sitting on your list for a long time with no action, it may not fit into your overall goals and plan anymore. Take a close look at the project and if it isn’t a priority anymore DELETE it, release it and don’t spend another minute thinking about it. It’s OK to let things go, it frees up your energy to do those things that matter more.

Now that you know the top 3 ways to end procrastination, go back to the task that came to mind at the beginning of this article. And, decide which of the above 3 tools you’ll use to end your procrastination and get into action (or elimination) once and for all.

© 2007 Christine Kloser

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

How To Write A Sticky Note Business Plan

If you’re like most creative entrepreneurs, the thought of writing a business plan is not the highest item on your priority list. You’d rather explore new ideas, create products and services, develop a new speech, or work with your clients... than sit down and write a plan.

But, to be successful in business, you need to have a plan in place. The good news is you don’t have to write a formal (bank-friendly) business plan to keep your business on track. In fact, until recently, I used my self-made “sticky note business plan” to keep track of my business goals and plans.

The “sticky note business plan” is a simple and fun tool you can use anytime, any place to keep your business pointing in the right direction. Here are a few simple steps to get you started:

Gather Your Planning Supplies
Thankfully, you won’t need fancy computer software, or heavy reference books to write your plan. All you’ll need is a wall, six poster boards, three pads of sticky notes, scotch tape, a note pad, a Sharpie marker and a pen. It’ll also help to have a quiet place and a few hours of time to enjoy this process. You may even want to light your favorite candle and play some relaxing music.

Lay Out Your Plan
Tape the six poster boards up on the wall. Once the boards are up on the wall, grab your notepad. Sit down for a few minutes and quietly think about the aspects of your business you want to plan. For example: do you need to design a new product or event, do you want to create a marketing plan, do you need a timeline plan for the next 3 years of your business, is it time to plan the launch of a new service?

Use your notepad to collect all of your ideas and decide on the six main categories you want to include in your plan. Next, write each category on six separate sticky notes using your Sharpie marker. Then, stick one note on the top center of each poster board... so each board is labeled for one of your six topics.

Download Your Ideas
Here comes the fun part. Get your pen and sticky notes and begin to write down every single idea that comes to mind for each category. Don’t edit or censor any ideas. Simple write them down and stick them on the poster board for that category. Try to say with one category at a time as best you can. But, if other ideas keep coming to mind, write them down and pop them on the appropriate poster. Let the ideas flow and enjoy the process of getting everything on paper.

Organize Your Ideas
So, now that your ideas are on the poster boards, begin to organize them. Look for themes, sequences, and categories of items. Physically move the sticky notes on the poster board to group ideas together. Sometimes I’ll organize ideas by timeline, sometimes I’ll organize by concept... you can organize them in the way that makes sense to you.

Put It All Together
Now, step back and take a look at your whole plan. After going through this process, you may discover some items need to move higher on your priority list; while other ideas may need to be dropped from your plan completely. The right things to do (and the order in which to do them) will surface now that you have the whole plan in place. Next, rearrange the posters so the highest priority plan is at the left side of the wall and the lower priority plan is to the right side of the wall. Finally, transfer your highest priority tasks to your calendar to make sure you begin executing your plan.

Keep Going
As you make progress with your plan, continually re-evaluate where you are... and keep moving forward with your projects. Personally, once I complete a concept from one of my poster boards, I remove the sticky notes so I can visually see my progress and all that I’m accomplishing. You may enjoy doing the same thing.

Now that you know how to write your “sticky note business plan”, you’ll discover it’s actually FUN to work on your plan. And, it’s a huge asset to your business.

© 2007 Christine Kloser

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Friday, April 27, 2007

How To Know When It’s Time For A Day Off

by Christine Kloser, "The Conscious Business Coach"

When was the last time you took a day off... during the WEEK? If it’s been longer than a few months, now’s the time.

As a conscious entrepreneur, you have a lot to manage in your life and it’s essential to give yourself a break. You’ve got new business ideas every day, you juggle multiple projects at the same time, you could easily work 14 hours straight (and enjoy it), you thrive on the energy of having a lot going on, and you know the importance of keeping your Soul fueled.

But, if you always feel “on the go”, constantly forging forward with deadlines and project, eating meals in between keyboard strokes and working ‘til the wee hours of the morning... be careful! You’re on the edge of burnout and probably feeling disconnected from the Divine purpose of your business. Your cylinders can only fire so fast until they malfunction; and we certainly don’t want that to happen to you.

Thankfully, I’m at the point where I know when it’s time to take a day off BEFORE I crash. Here are my top 3 ways to know it’s time for a day off:

Your “To Do” List Never Gets Done
I know, this seems illogical. If you can’t get your tasks done, why would you take a day off? Because if your “to do” list is outrageously long, chances are some of the things on your list are not aligned with your Soul’s purpose for your business, and your life. They’re just busy work. Taking a day off when this occurs will allow you the space to reconnect with your soul, re-energize your body and gain perspective on your priorities. Chances are, you’ll discover some of those tasks can simply be released.

Your Body Shows Signs Of Stress
Is your neck tight? Do you feel tired? Is there a pit in the bottom of your stomach? Does your head hurt? These are just a few signs your body sends as it begs you to give it a rest. Your physical body is a good indicator of your overall well-being. And, if it’s giving you a nudge for attention, it’s better to listen to it NOW... rather than get sick later. In order for you to be at your best for your business, your physical health is a requirement. Listen to your body, and hear what it is saying. Then, give yourself a day off to refuel and re-energize your physical being.

You Have An “Uneasy” Feeling
It’s challenging to explain exactly what this is because it’s feels like a whisper from within. For me, when this happens, it feels like God is calling me to become still so I can more closely listen to what Source wants me to do. The uneasiness comes from a sense of disconnection from Source... and your God given gifts. Often times when this “uneasiness” occurs, it’s because you’re bogged down in details and lost perspective on the Divine unfolding of your life. A day off (especially with a journal in hand) will work wonders to eliminate that “uneasy” feeling and get you back on track with living your purpose.

So, if you can relate to any of these 3 signs... schedule your day off. (Or, better yet schedule June 22-24 to be at the Conscious Business Retreat!) Here’s your assignment: get our calendar out and schedule your escape... right now. Then, have fun planning your day!

© 2007 Christine Kloser
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Monday, April 16, 2007

Top 5 Tips For Getting Publicity... for Yourself and Your Business

Publicity can be the “key to the kingdom” for you and your business. Just think of what happens when Oprah mentions a book on her show, or when the local newspaper writes a story about a local business. Sales skyrocket... much more than if you had bought advertising in the same media outlet.
Why the phenomenon with publicity? It’s a third-party endorsement that’s raving about you... rather than yourself. And, there’s instant credibility to have your name in the press, especially in our media-driven society. I know from personal experience that saying I was in Entrepreneur Magazine and appeared on Making IT TV (a few of my media appearances) separates me from the rest. Media exposure is becoming a necessity for entrepreneurs in today’s world.
Here are the top 5 tips I’ve learned about getting publicity:
1. Use Sound BitesThe average amount of time you have to catch the attention of the media is about 20 seconds if you’re talking. If you’re contacting them via email you have 2 lines... your subject line and the opening line of your email. That’s it. What does this mean to you? You’ve got to learn how to powerfully communicate who you are, your expertise and how the media can use you in a matter of seconds. This is what’s called a “sound bite” and you’ll see/hear them all over the media. Pay attention to newspapers and television and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Everything is succinct and to the point.
2. Know The Media You’re PitchingThe most common issue the media has with the pitches they receive is the person pitching them doesn’t know their publication or show. For instance, if your topic is about Dating, but you contact Family Circle magazine with a pitch, they’ll throw it out because Family Circle is about families... not the dating scene. On the other hand if you’re a therapist specializing in keeping harmony at home, Family Circle may be a great outlet for you. Always know your media. Writers, producers and hosts want nothing more than to feel like you understand what they put on/in their publications and shows.
3. Make It Easy For ThemDo as much as you can to make your pitch complete. So, once you get the media’s attention using a great sound bite (more on that in the next tip) and they’re asking you more questions, make it easy for them. Have other experts lined up who would complement your pitch, or would appear on a show with you as a case study of what you’re talking about. Tell them exactly what photos or video footage would go along with your idea. It’s YOUR job to make THEIR job easier. Providing them with the “whole enchilada” will help you stand out from the crowd... and get more media coverage.
4. Have A Good HookJust like a book gets judged by its cover, a media pitch gets judged by its hook. A “hook” is the succinct one-liner that communicates what you’re pitching. Steve Harrison has a great exercise for this; he calls it “...and, coming up next”. Pretend you are trying to get on TV, what would the host of the show say after ”... and, coming up next”? You’ve got about 10 words that follow this phrase. And, that’s your hook. Practice your hook over and over again, and have several of them ready to go depending on the media you’re pitching (see tip #2).
5.Be An ExpertKnow your stuff. The media can tell if you’re not really an expert. So, how can you showcase your expertise? Here are three ways to get started: 1) Answer their questions quickly. When you quickly respond without hesitation or “um’s and ah’s” it shows your confidence in what you’re talking about. 2) Show or send them your book along with your pitch. I couldn’t believe how interested the media were in my book. Not that they cared about the specific subject; they just wanted to know I was an AUTHOR. 3) Don’t fake it if you don’t know an answer. Simply say “I don’t’ know, but I’d be happy to do some research to get you an answer.” The media appreciate honesty, rather than being misled. Plus, this gives you a great reason to follow-up with them, once you’ve got the answers they were looking for.
Bonus Tip: PR LeadsIf you want to have media leads coming straight to YOUR inbox, rather than having to chase them down, check out It’s the fastest, easiest and most economical way to get publicity.
Media exposure is a valuable asset to every business owner. To make sure you put your best foot forward (the first time) follow these tips exactly and you’ll be surprised at the results you get.
© 2007 Christine Kloser
Want To Use This Article In Your Ezine or Website? You have my permission, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Christine Kloser "The Conscious Business Coach," publishes the revolutionary 'Conscious Business Connection' ezine. If you want to learn proven business strategies boosted with Spiritual success principles, you’re in the right place. Get your FR^EE tips now at

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Hidden Benefits of Writing Your Book

The Hidden Benefits of Writing Your Book
by Christine Kloser, "The Conscious Business Coach"

Are you losing business and missing out on opportunities because you don't have your book done yet? If you're an entrepreneur with life-changing knowledge... the answer is, "YES"!
Nine out of ten people have a book inside them, but most of them never get their book done. I'm sure you can relate. You KNOW you need a book to grow your business especially when you consider these OBVIOUS benefits of becoming a published author:

-Position yourself as an expert
-Reach a larger audience
-Get more speaking engagements and more publicity
-Increase value by "bundling" books with other products/services
-Give as bonus/promotional item for your business
-Gain instant credibility
-Increase revenue through book sales
-Build relationships with “centers of influence”
-Make a difference in your readers’ lives

Your book is the BEST business card you can have; especially because nobody throws away a book! What you may not realize is this… there are a ton of HIDDEN benefits of writing your book.

After helping nearly 200 entrepreneurs become published authors, these are the top 3 hidden benefits my clients have received:

Many new authors approach their book with unbridled enthusiasm and a TON of ideas. The truth is you could fill several books with your insight and information. But, tons of information in a huge book doesn’t make for a best-seller. That’s why the #1 hidden benefit of writing your book is clarity. Through the book preparation, research and writing process, you’ll quickly discover the core essence of your message and the simplest, most logical way to present your information.

You’ll also gain clarity on where the book fits into your “sales funnel” and what systems you need to implement to maximize your exposure through the book. You’ll become clear on new products, new services and new ways to get your readers to “opt-in” to your list (so you can market to them over and over again). After all, you’re writing your book to make more money, right? It’s amazing how easily you can put together a clear plan to turn readers into future buyers. Most new authors believe this kind of clarity rarely comes from anything other than writing you own book.

The #2 hidden benefit of writing your book is a level of confidence most people only dream of. When you proudly introduce yourself as the Author of ___________, and show people your brand-new book, you’re confidence goes through the roof! There’s something that happens inside of you, when you finally put pen to paper and take a STAND for yourself by putting your valuable information in print. Not to mention WHO you have to “BE” to complete your book.

You’ll discover an entirely new side to yourself when you step up the plate to write your book.
You’ll stretch and grow in surprising, challenging and fun ways as you go through the process of writing your book. You get to discover more and more of who YOU are and the value you offer to the world. With each page your write, you uncover more of your brilliance and at the end of the process, you’ll see (and value) yourself in an entirely new light.

Once you experience total clarity and confidence from writing your book, you’ll discover a newfound sense of courage. Many of my clients say it wasn’t until they became published that they had the courage to ask for more money, more speaking engagements, more referrals, more publicity… and know they DESERVED it 100%.

Just imagine there’s someone you want to meet (who can further your success) and you’ve never had the courage to contact them. Once you’re a published author it’s EASY to contact anyone, because you can introduce yourself as an Author and even give them a signed copy of your book. The hidden benefit of courage can literally mean thousands of dollars in your pocket because you’re finally ready to ask for what you want.

If you’re thinking of writing a book, keep these “Three Cs” at the top of your mind (and heart) as you bring your brilliance out in the pages of your book. Yes, the expert status, credibility and new revenue from your book are valuable rewards, which will be maximized through the hidden benefits of Clarity, Confidence and Courage.

© 2007 Christine Kloser

Want To Use This Article In Your Ezine or Website? You have my permission, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Christine Kloser "The Conscious Business Coach," publishes the revolutionary 'Conscious Business Connection' ezine. If you're ready to transform “what is” to “what’s possible” for your business, get your FR^EE tips now at

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Biggest Lessons

Going through the transition of NEW (a business I’ve loved for nearly 7 years) has been quite an experience. It literally took my miscarriage in December to have the courage to make this major change in my life. Miscarrying shed a lot of light on my priorities, energy, and how I spend my time. It showed me I had no choice but to make a change.

I had to accept that unless a business is making money, it really isn’t a business; it’s a hobby. And NEW (as a stand-alone entity) lost money! With this realization, I was faced with the most challenging business decision I’ve ever had to make.

Here are a few of the biggest lessons I’ve learned:

1. If you’re willing to sacrifice yourself and place other’s feelings above your own, you are actually being a disservice to them. As an entrepreneur, your priority needs to be taking care of yourself so you have a FULL tank to GIVE from. I knew this in my head, but this experience helped me “get it” on a whole different level. And, it’s true! I already feel so much more energy and excitement about creating new ways to help you with your business challenges.

2. It's OK if everyone doesn't "like" you. While nearly all of the feedback I’ve received about this transformation has been very positive, encouraging and enthusiastic; I have received a handful of hurtful accusations about my character and integrity. What I’ve learned from this (again something I’ve known in my mind, but “get” on a new level) is not everyone is going to like me or the decisions I make. And, it’s OK. Granted, it’s not easy to stay focused on the positive when these accusations are thrown; but is has given me deeper acceptance of not being liked by everyone and deeper conviction of the principles I stand on.

3. Entrepreneurs need to face the “business” of their business. This is especially important for creative entrepreneurs who care about their business and customers like I do. I was willing to ignore the bottom-line losses because all I wanted to do was support you. But, once I finally “got” that I needed to face the “business” of my business, I saw the reality I’ve been ignoring for years. If you haven’t done so lately, make a date with your PNL (Profit and Loss) statement and be willing to see what’s there. And, if you have multiple businesses (like I do), look at them INDIVIDUALLY... you can't ignore what's really going on when you separate each entity. I couldn’t do this until after my miscarriage when I was evaluating my entire life. Please do this now, and don’t wait for a major life event to catapult you into re-evaluation.

4. New beginnings bring new possibilities. I’ve simultaneously been experiencing the completion of the “era” of NEW, AND an abundance of new possibilities that come along with a new beginning. My creativity has never been higher; my enthusiasm about what I’m consciously creating for my business (and clients/customers) is awesome. Are there new beginnings occurring in YOUR life, perhaps a new way of thinking, a new business, a new product, a new relationship? Embrace the joy of your new beginnings and expect success.

Copyright 2007 Christine Kloser

Christine Kloser "The Conscious Business Coach," publishes the revolutionary 'Conscious Business Connection' ezine. If you're ready to transform “what is” to “what’s possible” for your business, get your FR^EE tips now at

How to Choose the Right Live Events to Attend

How to Choose The Right Live Events To Attend
by Christine Kloser, "The Conscious Business Coach"

Are you bombarded with an abundance of opportunities to attend “live” events? It comes along with being an entrepreneur; you get on everyone’s list and the next thing you know… you spend your entire year (and budget) attending seminars, workshops, retreats, conferences, programs and expos to further your business.

I’ve got good news and bad news about “live event overload.” The bad news is if you attend every event that crosses your path, you’ll get confused, unfocused and frustrated about what to do next for your business. You’re inundated with so much information, (all of which sounds exciting and like the perfect solution to your problem) you get pulled off course in pursuit of an idea that wasn’t even on your “radar” before you attended the event.

Now, for the good news!

Picking and choosing the RIGHT live events to attend can change the course of your business… and your life. How do I know? I’ve experienced more success in my business, more personal fulfillment in my life and more money in the bank than I had ever imagined possible… by choosing the right live events to attend.

Here are the questions to ask yourself when evaluating event opportunities that come your way:

What appeals to you about the event?
Asking yourself this important first question will lay the foundation for determining if it’s the right choice. As a conscious business owner, it’s important to be “conscious” about these decisions and not say “yes” because you think you SHOULD, or everybody else is. It’s your responsibility to put yourself in “live” environments that support your highest and best good; and nurture your soul along with your business. Deciding to go to an event should feel good because it’s appealing to you!

What doesn’t appeal to you about the event?
If the list of things that don’t appeal to you is longer than the list of things that do, it’s not the right “live event” choice for you. Look at all the aspects of the event and clearly identify what doesn’t feel like a fit for you. Once you have a clear list, it’s easy to decide if it makes sense for you to attend. Consider everything from the topic and speakers to location, meals and daily agenda.

What result would you like to experience from being at the event?
There’s a big difference in going to “live” events purely for the knowledge you’ll learn; and to attend because you want to network, get new business, increase creativity, find needed resources, shift your physical environment, feel inspired, or take a break from your hectic routine. Before making a choice about an event, know what results you’d like to experience and assess if those results are aligned with what the event promises to deliver.

Does the event fit with your goals and intentions for the year?
If you haven’t done so yet, you’ll want to identify some specific goals and intentions for the year. Once you are clear on the direction you’re taking your business in the next 12 months, the easier it is to identify if a live event will help you get there. For example, if one of your goals is to write and publish a book this year (by the way, details on my brand-new “Get My Book Done” coaching program will be revealed next month) you’ll be best served investing in an event specific to book writing/publishing, rather than Real Estate Investing. Choose events that will help you achieve the goals you’ve ALREADY set forth for yourself.

Live events are an essential part of every entrepreneur’s business, spiritual and personal growth. Just be sure to make the best choices for YOU based on these questions. Then, watch “live event overload” disappear and “live event success” emerge!

© 2007 Christine Kloser

Christine Kloser "The Conscious Business Coach," publishes the revolutionary 'Conscious Business Connection' ezine. If you're ready to transform “what is” to “what’s possible” for your business, get your FR^EE tips now at

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

3 Simple Steps to Manage Your Growing Business

3 Simple Steps to Manage Your Growing Business
by Christine Kloser, "The Conscious Business Coach"

Most entrepreneurs say they want to grow their business. Then, when growth hits, they discover the challenges and issues that come along WITH a growing business. Someone once told me, “If you’re not preparing for growth, you’re preparing for failure” and it’s true. Sorry to be so blunt here, (must be the Sagittarius in me), but it’s important to be READY for your growth.

Growth is one of those things on everyone’s ‘to do’ list; grow my business, grow my customer base, grow my product offerings, grow my subscriber list, grow my repeat business. You get the picture. Now, the picture I want to paint is one that’ll help you handle YOUR growth.

I discovered these 3 Simple Steps on my entrepreneurial journey. There are many more steps I’ve learned, but here are my favorites to get you started.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

This was the hardest thing for me to do. I remember the day I ‘flipped the switch’ on my email so it would go to my assistant, rather than me. It was a bizarre experience; to hit send/receive and have nothing appear on my computer screen. It can take a little while to let go of the control you used to have over your correspondence, but it’s well worth it. Just imagine the high priority projects you’ll complete, if you didn’t have to deal with ‘you’ve got mail’.

Not sure how to get started delegating? Here’s what worked for me (and continues to work to this day). Every time I find myself thinking, “I can’t believe I have to do this, I wish I didn’t need to handle that, this is a waste of my time” I write the task on my “delegate these tasks” list. Literally, keep a piece of paper by your desk where you write down every task you do that drives you nuts. Then, when someone shows up to help you, you’ll know exactly what to delegate.

Focus ‘On’ Your Business

Now that you’ve delegated the menial tasks, you’ll have more time to focus ‘on’ your business. Michael Gerber, Author, The E-Myth, and one of my personal mentors made this phrase popular for entrepreneurs. Working ‘on’ your business, rather than ‘in’ your business is how you’ll manage your growth.

By freeing yourself from the mundane administrative tasks, you can now block off time on your calendar everyday to focus on high priority tasks that affect the future of your business. I’ve learned that to manage growth effectively, you shouldn’t be working on anything that pertains to TODAY. Yes, you heard me right. If the task at hand pertains to today, it’s something that can most likely be delegated. In order to focus ‘on’ your business, your time should be spent working on the tasks that pertain to next week, next month, next quarter… next year.

Take Care of Yourself

OK. So, now’s the fun part; taking care of yourself. Your primary responsibility as the owner of a conscious, growing business is to make sure you’re operating at 100%. Entrepreneurs need their health, energy, and peace of mind more than anyone else I know. The amount of creative energy you need to manage your growing business is huge. You can be your best only if you’re not running on an ‘empty tank.’

Some of my favorite ways to take care of myself include: setting office hours and sticking to them, taking weekends off to be with my husband and daughter, exercising 5 days a week, eating healthy foods, soaking in a hot bath, meditating, getting 8 hours of sleep a night, regular trips to the spa (I’m visiting the Chocolate Spa at Hotel Hershey later this month), reading inspiring books, playing chase and Ring Around the Rosie with Janet, cuddling with my husband for a mid-week Spiritual Cinema Circle movie and participating in my monthly women’s circle.

At first, it may not seem that taking care of yourself is going to help manage your business growth; but I can tell you from experience it does! You’ll have much more to give to your business; more space for creative ideas to flow, more joy to help you manifest your desires, more energy to give to your clients, more ease and grace as you lead your business. I encourage you to identify at least three ways you can take care of yourself this week. Get started immediately on keeping your tank full… so you can enjoy the glorious road ahead for you and your growing business.

© 2007 Christine Kloser

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Monday, January 29, 2007

3 Keys to Conscious Business Success

3 Keys to Conscious Business Success
by Christine Kloser, “The Conscious Business Coach”

Throughout the past two weeks, I’ve had numerous (lively) conversations about what it means to be a conscious business owner. I’ve turned this topic inside out to get to the bottom of what conscious business is about. I share these 3 Keys to Conscious Business Success from my own “in the trenches” experience.

In order to recognize your business as a conscious business it needs to match three criteria, and if any one of these is missing... it’s not a conscious business. It may be a conscious “hobby”, or a conscious “project”, but not a conscious BUSINESS.

Conscious: fully aware of or sensitive to something; deliberate, intentional.

Business: a person, partnership, or corporation engaged in commerce, manufacturing, or a service; profit-seeking enterprise or concern.

OK, so now that we know the “dictionary definition” of conscious business, here are the three key elements necessary for YOUR conscious business success.

Make a Difference.
A conscious business is one that’s committed to making the world a better place. This doesn’t mean you have to change the life of every person on the planet (though that may be your aspiration), but you DO need to provide a product or service whose intention is to improve the lives of YOUR clients and customers. Think of it as being dedicated to changing “your world” and the people who are touched by doing business with you.

Whether you own a yoga studio or a deli; offer coaching, financial planning or sales training... the question to ask yourself is, “Am I truly committed to improving the lives of my customers and clients?” If you answer yes, you’re one-third of the way there!

Be Profitable.
This key has been the most challenging for me. I’ve been SO committed to making a difference, I had neglected to analyze each of my businesses on its’ own “legs” to see if it’s profitable. It had been easy to overlook the specific numbers when, overall, things are in the black. So, I ask you to do the same thing I did. This is especially important if you have multiple businesses and income streams. Here goes!

Spend the afternoon with your books. Sorry, I don’t mean Conversations with God or Think and Grow Rich; I’m talking about your QuickBooks. Yup. Go ahead and do it. Pull up your “profit and loss” statements and read what they have to say. Is more money going out than coming in? Is one division of your business supporting another division that’s costing you money? Does the business look “on paper” like you thought it would? Is there money “leaking” out of your business? Are you on track to reach your financial objectives? Hint: One of your objectives needs to be profitability!

If your business isn’t profitable, it’s time to do what it takes to become profitable. And, if you’re like me, your commitment to conscious business may cause you to face some difficult decisions.

Be Your Best.
This key is critical because it involves how you FEEL, everyday, as you go about working “in” and “on” your business. I was reading the Abraham-Hicks book, Ask and It Is Given on the treadmill yesterday and the book drives this point home. Abraham-Hicks reminds you that your most important priority in manifesting your dreams is to “feel good.” The question to ask here is, “Does my business cause me to feel good? Does it support me in being my best?”

Your conscious business should be a source of positive emotions, a vehicle for full self-expression, a way to fulfill your destiny, and fuel for being the best you can be. If your business is not a source of “feeling good”, identify what doesn’t’ feel good about it. And, then begin to eliminate or transform those aspects that have been pulling down your emotions. Your goal is to have your business fully engage you in experiencing positive emotion!

The good news about being a conscious business owner is you’re “awake and aware” to every aspect of your business. From this perspective, you stand in the most powerful position to take action in creating the business (and life) of your dreams.

© 2007 Christine Kloser

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

3 Steps to Quickly Accelerate Your Business

3 Steps to Quickly Accelerate Your Business
by Christine Kloser, “The Conscious Business Coach”

Is this your year to exponentially grow your business? If so, I’ve got good news for you. It’s possible! But, there may be some old thinking (and habits) that needs to be tweaked in order for your rapid growth to occur.

What I’ve noticed with some of my clients and customers is a struggle between being of service to the world and making a lot of money. If you’re nodding your head up and down in agreement… stop. You don’t need to choose, you can have both meaning and money. How do I know? I’ve been there. I’ve been of service (and not focused on money) to the point where it drove me to the verge of bankruptcy. Thankfully, that was several years ago and since then I’ve consistently generated a generous six-figure-plus income.

I’m going to share a few of the key lessons that accelerated my business in hopes you’ll use these steps to quickly manifest YOUR dreams.

Step 1: Let Go
This is the first place to start… to let go of something you feel is holding you back. Let’s face it. Times changes, you change, circumstances change, goals change, people change… you get the picture. As your life evolves, transforms and shifts there are things you may still be carrying that no longer serve you.

Go with me for a moment and imagine you’re taking a trip to Alaska and have packed your suitcase full of warm sweaters, gloves, hats, coats, etc. to keep you warm on your journey. Now, your plans have changed and you’re going to Hawaii. Would you carry the same suitcase you had packed for Alaska? No. You’d let go of the warm winter clothing and pack a bikini and sandals instead.

Take a look at your business, and your life. Do you see things you’re carrying around in your “suitcase” that were packed for a different journey than the one you’re on now? If so, release those things that no longer serve you with blessings and gratitude and you’ll be lighter and quicker on the path to your dreams.

Step 2: Focus
Now that you’ve done some self-assessment and released those things that no longer serve you, it’s time to get down to business and FOCUS on what you most want to manifest in your life. Here’s a tool I use when I’m having trouble focusing on getting my highest priority tasks done. And, it doesn’t cost a dime.

Simply find an accountability partner who also needs to spend some focused time on his/her priority tasks. (Hint: These are the tasks that are closest to the money.) Now, choose a time you will BOTH focus on your priority tasks. For starters, two hours is a good time to schedule for this exercise. Now, once the time is in your calendar (in pen), make arrangements to call each other when your “focus time” begins and tell your partner what you will do in the next two hours. Then, turn off your phone, shut down your email, ignore the doorbell and do ONLY what you told your partner you’d do. After the two hours is up, call your accountability partner and tell them what you did during that time. It’s easy to focus for a specific amount of time like this, especially when you know your partner is doing the same.

Step 3: Make Public Deadlines
This one’s my favorite! If you really want to light a fire under yourself, make a public deadline. What do I mean by a public deadline? It’s when you book the hotel room for the workshop you’ve been talking about doing. It’s when you say “yes” to a speaking engagement when you don’t even have your speech outlined yet. It’s setting the date for your tele-class before it feels “comfortable” to do so. It’s committing to publishing your ezine on a specific date, even if you only have five subscribers. You get the picture.

This step ensures your rapid forward progress through the methodology of “learning by doing”. You’ll always learn more (and faster) when you are learning as you do something. All the book smarts and knowledge in the world doesn’t mean anything until the rubber hits the road. And, this step is where it happens.

Have fun with these three steps. If it feels overwhelming to do all three of them at once, not to worry. The important thing is that you do at least one of them and then another and another… continually. Ultimately this three-step process will become second-nature and you’ll be taking these steps without even realizing it.

© 2007 Christine Kloser

Want To Use This Article In Your Ezine or Website? You have my permission, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Christine Kloser "The Conscious Business Coach," publishes the revolutionary ‘Conscious Business Connection’ ezine. If you're ready to integrate business strategies with intangible/Universal principles to help you achieve results faster… and easier, visit

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

How to Make Lemonade... When Life Gives You Lemons

How to Make Lemonade… When Life Gives You Lemons
by Christine Kloser, “The Conscious Business Coach”

I never imagined I’d be in this situation. Literally, as I write this, I’m experiencing something I never thought would happen to me. I share this deeply personal experience with you because I believe there isn’t a separation between business and life when you’re a Conscious Entrepreneur. How you handle situations in your life is how you’ll handle them in business and vice versa. In hopes you will glean something from my experience that serves your highest good in business and in life… here goes.

I couldn’t be happier, my plan was unfolding in perfect order… or so I thought. I had always intended to be pregnant with my second child by the time I turned 40 in December 2006. And, as intended, it happened right on time with grace and ease. Christmas was extraordinarily special… announcing to my family and my husband’s family (in person) that we were expected our next child in the summer of 2007. We had Christmas ornaments made for our parents with four Christmas stockings that read “David, Christine, Janet (my almost 2 year old) and Baby.” It was the perfect way to announce the great news.

I admit when I first found out I was pregnant (even though it was my intention) I was somewhat surprised it happened with such speed and ease. Granted, our first daughter was conceived in the blink of an eye, but could it possibly happen like that again, especially being 2 ½ years older?

I was surprised because I felt I was truly experiencing the power of manifesting and intentions being realized. I was being called to grasp the magnificence of my life at an entirely new level of acceptance, “bigness” and bliss. I felt I was being pulled by the Universe to embrace how incredibly joyous life can be. Still, in the recesses of my mind, I wondered if my life was getting “too good to be true.” How could it possibly be THIS magical?

You can imagine my devastation when I experienced a miscarriage the day after Christmas. It was especially challenging because I was away in Connecticut. I couldn’t go see my doctor, I didn’t want to ruin the holiday for my family, I had a Christmas gathering to attend right after I found out I miscarried, and it had taken some fancy footwork to find a doctor and ultrasound technician who would see me immediately the day after a major holiday. It was a whirlwind. I was in physical pain, scared, sad, angry and feeling uncertain of everything.

Life had given me lemons… just when I felt I was swimming in an abundant pool of sweet, tasty lemonade. Once we got home to Pennsylvania, I entered “Super Christine” mode. I got down to the business of preparing for a New Year. I organized nearly my entire home, started (and finished) a scrapbook project, went shopping for gizmos, gadgets, and storage supplies that we needed around the house, returned some Christmas gifts, organized thousands of digital photos, and researched a new eating plan to naturally reduce my cholesterol. All within 48 hours!

Then, it hit. The floodgate of tears and pain surfaced on New Year’s Night. This is when my husband and I traditionally do our annual intention setting ritual. And, I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t find it in my heart to write my intentions for the year.

Instead, I curled up and cried for a good long while. Somehow amidst the tears and pain, I managed to find my journal and a pen upstairs in my bedroom. I had a feeling the process of writing while I was enmeshed in the emotion would be the key to release some of the pain and begin to turn lemons into lemonade. I cathartically wrote page after page after page. If I wasn’t wiping my tears I was writing. Thankfully, at some point, my loving husband came to me and simply sat beside me while I cried and wrote. Once I was done writing, he held me close and I cried even more in the safety and comfort of his arms.

The act of writing while in a heightened emotional state was metaphorically my way of “squeezing lemons”. I began to connect with the perfection, gifts and lessons this “Baby Spirit” was here to bring me. I found gratitude for the short time I was pregnant. I felt my prioritize shift as I wrote. I forgave myself for having lost the baby. I committed to taking better care of myself physically and emotionally. And, by the end of my journal entry (without being conscious about it) I had written all of my intentions for 2007.

The next time life give you lemons, I invite you to remember what I’ve shared here. And, I trust, you will discover your own way to make lemonade.

© 2007 Christine Kloser

Want To Use This Article In Your Ezine or Website? You have my permission, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Christine Kloser "The Conscious Business Coach," publishes the revolutionary ‘Conscious Business Connection’ ezine. If you're ready to integrate business strategies with intangible/Universal principles to help you achieve results faster… and easier, visit