Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Hidden Power of a Circle

When you read the title of this article, what do you think about? What pictures come to mind? Did you imagine a bright red circle you’d use to teach a child about shapes? Perhaps you thought of a basketball hoop, or ball? Maybe you thought of a medicine wheel, or a full moon? Some of you probably thought about www.ConsciousBusinessCircle.com (if you’re a member).

If you’ve ever participated in an in-person Circle experience, then (like me) you probably thought about a circle of friends sitting around a glowing, peaceful candle; together for the sole purpose of supporting each other’s dreams, renewing your connection to Source, kindling the light in your hearts, and remembering to shine your light in the world.

Sounds like a tall order for a Circle; but it’s not. In fact, I did a bit of research about the symbolism of a circle and had to share it with you because it conveys the powerful meaning of this simple and ancient shape:

“The circle is perhaps the purest, most profound and the most common symbol in existence. With the probably infinite billions of stars, planets, moons and galaxies full of the same, the circle is well represented in the physical universe in the form of spheres. A circle, having no beginning or end, represents infinity, eternity, wholeness and femininity. Other meaningfully significant symbols or objects are circular: Stonehenge, Ouroboros, the Wheel of Life, a halo around the head of a saint, etc. In a very practical way, it can be said that circles rule the world.” Source: guide-to-symbols.com.

I love that a circle represents infinity, eternity, wholeness and femininity. No wonder I named my coaching program the Conscious Business Circle. “Group” or any other name, just wouldn’t have had the same meaning.

But, what I want to share with you is the hidden power of a Circle experience. In fact, I am so moved by the Women’s Circles I’ve participated in for the past 7 years that I actually wrote a guidebook on How to Start and Successfully Run a Circle.

Ongoing participation in a face-to-face Circle experience is truly a profound, life-changing gift to anyone who fully engages in the power of their Circle. Here, I want to share 3 of the most powerful benefits I’ve received from my Circles over the past 7 years... in hopes that you will create YOUR Circle of like-minded friends and receive these benefits, too.

Stay Connected to Your Self
One of the most costly things that can happen to your Self (and your business) is to lose your connection to who you really are. It’s easy to disconnect from the deepest parts of you when life is filled with lengthy to-do lists, deadlines, managing a home, taking care of children and family and getting all the bills paid on time. Quiet, sacred time for yourself often gets pushed aside. A Circle experience always brings you instantly back to your Self... the moment you sit down and take a few deep, conscious breaths.

Strengthen Your Connection to God
One of my life-long values is to develop a deeper, more conscious connection to God. Participating in a Circle is a vehicle that deepens this connection ongoingly. Gathering in Circle and taking a few minutes to simply gaze upon the light of a candle while listening to beautiful peaceful music can bring you instant connection to that Source energy/god. The peacefulness, serenity, love and light that flows when you practice this with others is more powerful than doing the same thing alone.

Deepen Your Connection with Like-Minded Friends
Lasting, meaningful relationships with like-minded friends are one of the most valuable assets you can have. They are the ones who will be there to support you during the ‘lows’, celebrate your ‘highs’ and believe in you every step of the way. Typical social gatherings rarely offer an environment to deepen relationships at a deep, soulful level. Whereas, this is a huge benefit of participating in a Circle. You experience a connection with others that is rare, powerful and profound.

For a moment, right now, please take a deep relaxing breath and imagine yourself sitting in a circle of friends, in a room lit by the glow of candles, with peaceful music in the background. Now let all of your worries float away and enjoy a moment to simply BE. This is the power of a circle.

If you’re new to this concept and want to explore it further, your best place to begin is my simple guidebook to start your own circle. You can learn more at www.CircleGuidebook.com.
© 2007 Christine Kloser

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