Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Conscious Business: How to Shed Energetic Weight So Your Conscious Business Can Fly

Does your business ever feel “weighed down” to you? Like there’s something invisible holding it back from reaching its’ (and your) highest potential? This kind of “energetic weight” puts you and your business in a danger zone. And, often times it’s not what’s happening in your business that’s causing the sluggishness; it’s what’s happening in every other part of your life that’s affecting your business’ bottom-line.

If you want to reach your destination (your goals and dreams), you’ve got to identify the “weight” in your life and know how it energetically affects your conscious business. Once you do that, you can begin making the shifts necessary to release these energy drains and let the abundance and joy flow into your life, and your business.

There are two strategies I recommend to help you identify and release those things that are energetically holding you back.

Strategy #1: Take Inventory

One sure-fire way to help your business lift-off is to give yourself the gift of taking an “inventory.” No, this is not the time to count how many products you have ready to ship to customers; rather, this is the time to ask yourself questions that give you clarity on how your feelings, beliefs, stresses, circumstances and attitudes (about every part of your life) are affecting your business. Because, the truth is your business is a reflection of EVERY area of your life.

So, I invite you to begin asking yourself some of these questions. (If you haven’t gotten to it yet, my book The Freedom Formula, goes into a lot more detail on this process.) But, for now, you can begin by reflecting on these areas of your life:

Personal (health, relationships, family, recreation, hobbies, etc.)
Spiritual (faith, love, fulfillment, contribution, etc.)
Financial (gross revenues, expenses, net revenues, investments, savings, debt, etc.)
Business (mission, vision, products/services, operations, team, marketing, fulfillment, etc.)
Simply begin by reflecting on these areas and asking yourself these questions: 1) what is your current experience in that area; 2) what is your level of satisfaction and joy in that area; 3) what are your challenges in that area; and 4) what is your highest vision for that area of your life?

As you do this, be sure to keep in mind that you’re not looking at these areas to identify points of separation. Instead, you’re taking this inventory so you can find threads, themes, consistencies, unity and ultimately a fully integrated picture of your life. Because, it’s your integrated life that’s going to have the greatest impact on your business... that’s when you live in the FLOW, and manifest your desires with ease and with grace.

Strategy #2: Delegate

Another strategy that will help you shed energetic weight is to delegate the things on your to do list that don’t bring you joy. Why? Because when your “to do” list is filled with tasks you don’t enjoy, your energy drops... your frustration increases and the FLOW of everything good basically comes to a halt. On the other hand, when you do those things that bring you joy, you experience MORE joy, more love, more fulfillment, and more light as you feel more connected, more peaceful and more on purpose. Get the idea? It’s a snowball effect. Now, you may be asking yourself, can delegating really help you experience all this? And the answer is yes!

It’s easy to get started. Simply write down a list of everything you do and categorize your “to do” list according to these four categories: 1) don’t like doing; 2) love to do; 3) can be done later; and, 4) not worth doing at all. Once you have your list organized, start with the “delegate” list and identify at least three items you can hand off to someone else. And, use your newly found time to focus on the second category... things you LOVE to do! Then, notice how this shift helps to eliminate some of that “weight” you’ve been feeling in your business.

Using these two strategies (taking an inventory and delegating what you don’t enjoy) are two critical factors that’ll help you step into the abundant flow in your business. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how implementing these simple strategies will help you feel lighter in your business, more joyful in your life and more easily able to attract more of what you want. Once the energetic weight is gone, the good just keeps on coming!

© 2008 Christine Kloser

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Friday, November 28, 2008

The 4 Components of Conscious Business Success

I often get asked by colleagues and clients, “What’s it take to really succeed in business during times like this?” First, I tell them that “times like this” don’t have to be their reality. In fact “times like this” are the “best of times” for many entrepreneurs who take a serious (and conscious) approach to their business, and refuse to let the “real world” stop them in their tracks.

Success also requires you to have COURAGE – because you’ve got to be ready to answer some of the tough questions that’ll guide you to your highest and best good as a conscious entrepreneur. And, I have to believe that if you’re reading this article, you have the courage it takes to do just that. Your courage to keep going, (and not quit on your dream) is what will keep you growing in service to others, to your bottom-line, and to the greater good of all!

So let’s take a look at the 4 Components of Conscious Business, which will cause you to ask yourself some of those courageous questions. Use these four components regularly (as a gauge) to see whether or not you are on the right track. And, be ready to make the necessary changes that’ll support you in building your successful, prosperous, and conscious business.

Component #1: A Conscious Business Makes Money
Is your business making money? Is it making enough money to fully support your soul’s purpose in the world? The truth is, you are meant to attract A LOT of money; not for the purpose of acquiring material possessions (and being able to keep up with the Jones’); rather, you’re meant to receive a lot of money so you can do what you were created to do on this Earth. Whether you make $50,000, $500,000 or $5,000,000 per year, now is a good time to take a good look at the bottom-line of your business. And, if you discover your business isn’t built on a model that makes a lot of money, have the courage to ask for help to identify the ways in which you can build a profitable, purposeful business.

Component #2: A Conscious Business Makes a Difference.
Does your business truly make a difference to others? Can you feel the difference you’re making? When you’re operating as a conscious business owner, it’s not just about the money; it’s about being of service and making a difference in the lives of others. For some entrepreneurs to connect with the difference they’re making, they need to look a few layers deep. For instance if you’re not in a business that allows you to connect with the difference you make, take a look deeper to see how those clients and customers you serve are making a difference in the world. Once you’re able to connect with the difference you make (even if it’s a few layers deep), you’ll have more motivation and inspiration to grow your conscious business, because you’ll know the “ripple effect” your work has on the world.

Component #3: A Conscious Business Calls You To Be Fully Who You Are
Does your business allow you to be ALL of who you are? Are you able to be fully expressed in your business without feeling like you have to hide parts of yourself? Being WHO YOU ARE is the strongest asset you can have as a business owner. Why? Because nobody can be you! Nobody can duplicate your heart and soul! And nobody can exude you... other than you! So, this also means that nobody can compete with you. How sweet is that? You get to design your business in a way that lets you be fully you, AND at the same time you naturally eliminate anyone or anything that can be perceived as “competition.” There’s only one you, so capitalize on YOU in your business. Not only will you feel great, but you’ll also become a magnet that attracts only those customers and clients who are a perfect fit for you.

Component #4: A Conscious Entrepreneur Trusts In Their Divine Plan
Do you believe in a higher, Divine plan? How much trust do you have in that larger plan for your business and your life? This fourth component is vitally important to embrace fully as a conscious entrepreneur; because this is the component that turns “times like this” into the “best of times.” This is where you rise above the “reality” of the physical world to connect with the perfect plan that is unfolding for you in each and every moment. Only when you operate your business based on this higher approach will you begin to turn struggle into success, fear into faith, lack into abundance and challenge into triumph.

Now that you’ve learned more about these four components, I encourage you to spend some time truly pondering the questions posed here. Tap into your courage as you ask these questions, discover the answers and take your next steps. The reward will be a business that is filled with purpose, passion and profit!

© 2008 Christine Kloser

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Conscious Business: How Are You Thinking About Your Business? A look at turning thoughts into profit.

Take a look around you. Every thing you see in the world today was once only a mere thought, a dream, a blueprint. The chair you’re sitting on, your computer, your car, your home, etc. Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted the fact that everything in our world was once only a seed planted in someone’s mind. That’s how powerful thoughts are!

What you think about you bring about! This is why thoughts can create such beautiful things as art, architecture, life-changing books, music, technologies for advancement, etc. Ideas and beliefs can lead you to create a multi-million dollar purposeful business, or they can cause you to struggle forever. In short, right at this very moment, your thoughts are leading you moment by moment towards one of two results... sabotage or success, destruction or creativity, fear or faith. Every thought, intention, idea, image, feeling, experience, success, failure, opportunity and challenge have brought you to where you are in your life right now. Sometimes it’s important to think about your THINKING to understand why you ARE where you are.

Answer me honestly here... have you stopped to really contemplate how you THINK about yourself and your business? If thoughts are in fact the most powerful tool you have, you’ve got to harness their power and master using them wisely so you can build a business that brings you purpose, passion and PROFIT!

In case you haven’t read it yet, I write more about the power of thoughts in my award-winning book The Freedom Formula because your success DEPENDS on your ability to focus on thoughts that serve your highest self, and your grandest vision. I’ve got to believe that if you’re reading this article right now, you agree you’re a powerful being with infinite potential. And, you probably feel READY to take charge of your own life, as the director of your own thoughts... and create the reality you want to experience by living out your highest calling in a profitable way!

Conscious entrepreneurship is about having a positive, lasting impact on the world...through your business. You have a message to share, valuable information that changes people’s lives and you want to reach the ‘masses.’ The reality about fulfilling this vision and dream is that it takes consistent positive thoughts and beliefs to grow and sustain your business at this level of success.

The easiest way to keep your thoughts on the positive is to train your mind to look for the GOOD in everything. Computer’s running slow? Great! It give you time to slow down and focus on something else for a change. Dinner burned? Terrific! Maybe you were supposed to eat something a little more healthy. Whining children driving you crazy? Fantastic! It’s a beautiful opportunity to practice patience. Can you see how something as simple as looking for the good can change everything?

Now, when thoughts of fear, doubt, lack of confidence, unworthiness start creeping in you can look for GOOD here too. Fear shows up so you can have more faith. Doubt shows up so you can learn conviction. Lack of confidence shows so you can see where you need to develop more confidence. And, unworthiness shows up so you can finally discover your true worth. This is called the Law of Polarity, my friends. Every negative thought you have already has the opposite POSITIVE thought within in.

So, no matter what your mindset is, know that in each and every moment YOU have the power to choose a thought that serves you. The power lies within your own mind... so use it, and watch your dreams unfold.

© 2008 Christine Kloser

Would you like to use this article? You may as long as you include the following information along with the article: Christine Kloser, best-selling author of The Freedom Formula, helps small business owners put soul in their business and money in the bank. If you want to discover how to integrate more spirit into YOUR business, then you’ll want to get my F-R-E-E_ CD, “The Top 3 Ways to Tap Into the Biggest Trend in Business Ever.” You can request this special CD by visiting

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Believe in Your Power to Transform the World

What would it take for you to BELIEVE you can truly transform the world?

No matter what business you’re in, no matter where you live, no matter what challenge you may be facing right now... you absolutely stand in a place of power to positively transform the world. And, if you’re saying to yourself, “Yeah, that’s easy for you to say, Christine, but you don’t know what I’m going through.” I assure you, I understand because I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to believe in your ability to transform yourself (and others) when it appears that nothing is going your way.

Remind yourself of the fact that being alive right now, as the unique being that you are, is a miracle in and of itself! The moment you were conceived you were a miracle, and you continue to be... no matter what may be going on in the world around you.

The reality you live in depends heavily on the conversations that occur in your mind. Your level of belief in yourself (and the power you possess to make a real difference in the world) exists in your mind as well. So, here are some ways you can increase your belief in your ability to transform the world. Keep in mind, when you think of “the world” remember you don’t have to transform every single person on the planet, but you do need to impact those in YOUR world.

1) Remember Your Accomplishments
One of the best things you can do to establish deeper belief in yourself, and your abilities, is to remember your past accomplishments. Take out a piece of paper, grab a pen and begin to list your accomplishments right now. What success have you experienced in your business, your relationships, your education, your friendships, your family, with your clients, your mindset, your personal goals, your partnerships, your masterminds, etc. Everything counts! So, start your list now and keep adding to it. This exercise will help you stay in a higher vibration so you can continue to do what you’re here to do... and continue to impact lives.

2) Remember The Difference You’ve Already Made
This is another terrific “list” exercise that connects you with the difference you’ve already made in the lives of others. Whenever you doubt the power you have to create positive change, recall those moments in which you KNEW, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you made a difference.

Right now, think about those experiences you’ve had with a client where you knew you made a difference. Perhaps you saw it in their eyes, heard it in their voice, or read it in their words. Then, keep this list handy and read it often. For me, when I need a reminder, I read my book reviews for The Freedom Formula. It’s an instant connection right back to the impact my book is having on readers worldwide. For you, it may be going to your “brag file,” or reading a note from a client or testimonials on your own website. Whatever it is for you, anytime you feel your doubt waiver... remember the difference you’ve already made and it will help you make a bigger difference in the days, months and years to come.

3) Remember Your Higher Purpose
This strategy invites you to elevate your perspective of why you’re here, living on the planet at this critical point in time. You are here to wake up and help others wake up to the new world that is emerging right now. You chose to be here at this important time because you have a unique purpose to fulfill in helping others to heal, grow, transform, evolve, and become all that they were meant to be. Your purpose may be showing up as a gentle whisper or a booming voice... but it is clear that you are here to be a force for positive change in the world. So, remember your purpose (even if it’s not crystal clear yet) and let that carry you into deeper and deeper belief in the role you have to play in transforming the world.

These three strategies are essential for staying on track with your dreams and being a CAUSE for positive change in the world. Doubt and fear will likely surface as you take bigger and bolder steps in your business to create more transformation for others. But, not to worry... when you come back to these strategies, you’ll realize that nothing can keep you from doing what you’re here to do. And so it is...

© 2008 Christine Kloser

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Top 3 Signs of Positive Change

Nothing endures but change.

Yesterday, I had the honor of participating in two of my spiritual masterminds. One was with a group of fellow spiritually-oriented women entrepreneurs and the other was a one-on-on visioning session with a long-time friend.

The theme through both of these calls was change; deep, profound change. We listened to each other speak and could sense the emergence of someone new... someone who has evolved, grown and transformed. It was a glorious experience to be conscious of the change that had occurred in others, as well as ourselves.

These conversations, caused me to contemplate what change really looks like. If you’re like me, you may sometimes find yourself going through a personal transformation (also known as an AFGO - Another Faithful Growth Opportunity) without being fully aware of what exactly is evolving. Change without consciousness leads to fear. And, fear leads to a whole slew of other negative experiences.

The purpose of sharing these top 3 signs of positive change is to raise your awareness of what’s occurring within you. So as you transform (and grow) you’re conscious of what’s evolving... and have the ability to navigate through fear and welcome change with grace and ease.

1. Heightened Frustration – Who ever thought frustration would be a good thing?! Well, in this case it is. Because, if you’re frustrated with something in your life or your business, you’re experiencing it because something that used to work isn’t working anymore, or something that never worked is becoming totally intolerable. Bless your frustration and ask it to show you what’s changing? Frustration is a fantastic teacher to help you notice where your change is occurring and what you can do to move through it more easily. Adjust your relationship to that which is frustrating you, and you’ll see the gift of change waiting inside.

2. Highs and Lows - Change brings out a range of emotions that can be felt practically simultaneously. For example, you may find yourself being ecstatically happy one moment, and crying the next. This is a tell-tale sign of great change because as you come closer and closer to experiencing an inner shift, everything gets compressed. Emotions become stronger, they swing from lows to highs more quickly than usual, and you may be wondering what in the world is going on! And the answer is... change is going on! So, if you find yourself experiencing opposing emotions relatively close together in time, embrace them and let them remind you that you are going through a great change... and all is unfolding exactly as it’s meant to.

3. Seeking Solitude – Change requires a certain level of energy. Whether or not you are aware of the change you’re going through, your BEING knows what’s going on. And, as you expend energy in evolving and growing, a very natural response is to seek solitude. Just like the butterfly that goes through it’s most profound change in a cocoon of solitude, you may find your soul craving solitude as well. Keep in mind that solitude is not the same as isolation... if you’re isolating it’s because you don’t want to deal with anything, whereas if you’re seeking solitude it’s because you’re want to BE with yourself, in silence, in quiet, in peace. Solitude is a gift any time, but especially when you’re experiencing change the urge for solitude shows up to remind you to pay attention and nurture yourself as you grow.

Now that you’re aware of these three signs, I encourage you to notice them when they show up in your life, and acknowledge them for what they are. Give thanks for the change you are experiencing and allow yourself space to surrender, trust and embrace your next evolution. It is all good...

© 2008 Christine Kloser

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to Find Your “Tribe”

Have you noticed that successful entrepreneurs all have one thing in common? They all have a “tribe.” It’s true. Think of any entrepreneur who has achieved a certain level of success and you’ll discover they are surrounded by people who support, believe and help them to realize their goals and dreams.

Having just returned from one of my mastermind gatherings in Martha’s Vineyard, it became even more clear exactly how important these types of gatherings are. There is something very powerful that happens when a dozen visionary entrepreneurs gather for a few days to turn dreams into reality. By the end of our two days together we were referring to ourselves as a “tribe” because of the depth of connection we felt, and the level of commitment we have in helping each other succeed.

As we were leaving the restaurant from our celebration dinner, another group of diners came up to us and asked how we all came together. They could tell there was something different about our “tribe” and they couldn’t figure out what it was. The best guess they had was that we were having a “mini” high school reunion... because it was evident to them we’d known each other for decades. Ha! At best, some of us have known each other for 2 ½ years, while some other “tribe” members had just met this weekend. Yet, there was a feeling we have all known each other much longer than that.

So, when we told these diners we were a mastermind group of like-minded colleagues, they wanted to know how we all came together. And, this is what I want to share with you here, so you can find your own “tribe” too.

Step 1: Have a Clear Vision For Your Business
In order to attract like-minded mastermind colleagues (your “tribe”) you’ve first got to get clear on your own vision for business and your life. You will attract the perfect group of people to support you based on your own vision. Like attracts like, so get clear on what you want and it will be much easier to manifest the perfect group of people who are also clear on what they want. This is how you can help each other most.

Step 2: Have a Clear Vision for Your “Tribe”
Now it’s time to get clear on the types of people you want to attract for your mastermind group... your “tribe.” Ask yourself these questions... What types of people do I want to support me in the realization of my dreams? What qualities do I want them to possess? What values and guiding principles do I want them to have? Granted, right now, you don’t know exactly WHO those people are, but you can get very clear about the TYPES of people they are. It’s kind of like identifying your ideal client... you can get crystal clear on the essence of who they are without knowing their face or name.

Step 3: Go Where Your “Tribe” Goes
Here you’ve got to take the next step to go where your “tribe” goes. Identify the LIVE face-to-face events where your tribe gathers. For instance, every single person in my current mastermind group, I met by going to an event where I knew “my people” would be. And, they were. Here’s another example, I was just talking with an entrepreneur who signed up to attend my Freedom Formula Experience and she said one of her top 3 reasons for attending was to be in a room filled with like-minded people... her “tribe” per se. So, take the steps you need to identify where YOUR “tribe” is and do whatever it takes to gather with them.

Step 4: Say “Yes” When The Right Opp*rtunity Shows Up
Too many people attract the right opp*ortunities into their lives, but then don’t say “YES” when they show up. Your job, in order to find your “tribe,” is to say YES when the right situation presents itself. I know it sounds crazy to say “no” when the perfect situation surfaces, but sadly, I see people do this all the time. They let the excuse of time, money, travel, etc. keep them from having everything they want. So, the most important step is this one... to say YES to your “tribe” when they show up.

Now, more than ever, it is absolutely essential to have your “tribe” in place. There’s going to be so much exciting change and evolution over the coming years, nobody is going to make it through alone. Your “tribe” of like-minded colleagues is sure to be one of the most valuable assets you can have in your business (and your life) today.

For those of you who want to join my “tribe” be sure to be one of the hundreds of like-minded colleagues at The Freedom Formula Experience this January.

© 2008 Christine Kloser
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Monday, October 20, 2008

How to Shift into Abundance

In times like these, when the external world is absorbed in “lack, lack, lack”, it’s more important than ever for you to shift into abundance... and stay there. Yet, when I analyzed the responses to my recent survey (on the challenges you face in your business), the majority said they were having trouble getting out of fear and living in abundance.

So, in this article I’ll be sharing one of the most powerful tools I use to shift into abundance... no matter what’s happening around me. This is a process I use practically every single day to keep myself in the energy of abundance. Not only is this process simple, energizing and fun; it works!

Energize Your Vision

Step 1: Find a vision partner.
In order for your vision to have the biggest impact on your life, it’s best to energetically speak your vision out loud to a vision partner. Your partner needs to be someone who “gets” you and who believes in an abundant world. Create a partnership with someone who support you in your dreams, doesn’t call you “crazy” for thinking BIG, and understands the power of a held intention.

Step 2: Set up a time to talk with your partner
Once you’ve found a visioning partner, make an appointment to talk on the phone for at least fifteen minutes every week. The first time you have your call, you may want to schedule a bit longer so you can talk about the process after you’re done and check-in with each other to see if you have any suggestions or feedback for future sessions.

Step 3: Create a sacred space
When it’s time for your vision call, you’ll want to do a brief centering exercise that aligns you with each other and establishes the sacred space in which you’ll share together. Just taking a few deep breaths together can easily get you centered. (That’s the yoga instructor in me speaking.)

Step 4: Speak your vision
After you’ve taken a few deep breaths and created a scared space together, the first person to go simply begins to speak their vision to their partner... as if you were experiencing it right now! Allows yourself to transcend any current situation in your life right now and truly shift into the energy of your vision ALREADY being realized. When you do this, you connect at the highest level of the Infinite Abundant Supply, to God, the Universe (or whatever you call that Source of all that is). And, your resonance with this “field” is what causes things to shift in your life.

Step 5: Listen to your partner
As important as it is for the person speaking their vision to step into the energy of having ALREADY realized their dreams, the partner (listener) also has an important responsibility. The listener must hear his/her partner’s vision as if it IS already done. They must hold the vision, and see it as vividly as their partner does. Then, once the partner is complete, the listener says, “I see that vision for you.” The listener can also contribute any additional words of support or any insights they received that would benefit their partner in realizing their vision.

The experience of having another person listen to you with the intention of your vision being realized is deeply powerful. It’s been one of the best tools I’ve ever used in manifesting all that has come to me in recent years from the birth of my daughter and the purchase of a brand-new custom home, to the release of one business and the rapid expansion of another. I urge you to find a partner and get started with this today because remember.... it’s not only fun, it works!

NOTE: If you cannot find a vision partner for this process, then you can simply do it on your own. Be sure to SPEAK your vision out loud, even if only to yourself. The spoken word, (and the energy) it carries is a key piece for this to work.

© 2008 Christine Kloser

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Conscious Entrepreneur: How to Trust Your Vibes in Business

Before you read another word... pause and take a deep breath. This is how you begin to trust your vibes in business. Simple? Yes. Effective? Yes. But, how can a simple breath help you trust your vibes? That’s what I’ll be sharing with you here in this article, because in order to succeed as a conscious entrepreneur you’ve got to become an expert at trusting (and listening) to your vibes.

One thing I continue to hear from entrepreneurs is they are so busy working on projects, taking care of clients, marketing their business, etc. that they barely have time to eat, sleep and BREATHE... forget about creating time to meditate, or journal. I have news for you. It’s impossible to trust your vibes in business, when you are completely disconnected from yourself because you “go, go, go” all the time.

I’ll assume that you’d like to learn how to not only trust, but hear your vibes (your inner wisdom) more clearly. So, I’m going to share how I do this in my own life, in hopes it will help you, too.

Step 1: Breathe
Give yourself the gift of deep, conscious breath. If you are holding your breath, or completely unaware of it throughout your day, it’s a sure sign you are disconnected from Source, and your “vibes” won’t have any space to enter.

Step 2: Realize You are a Spiritual Being
Next, in order to connect, listen to and act on your vibes you’ve got to embrace the truth that you are a Spiritual being, above and beyond anything else. In this understanding, you realize that you are never the one “in control”... rather you are an instrument being used to fulfill Divine Destiny on earth. In this experience of surrender, you become more conscious of what is truly unfolding in front of you.

Step 3: Become Still
In a world of ever increasing speed and activity, it’s nearly impossible to hear (or trust) your vibes when you are operating at the “speed of life.” You must become still. You must allow your mind to become quiet so your heart can be heard. When I talk about stillness, I don’t mean sitting down to watch TV, eat dinner, sip tea or anything else. What I’m talking about here is sitting down with your eyes closed for at least 10 minutes a day... without moving a finger. When you bring your physical body into stillness, it allows your mind and heart to open to what is present beyond your physical experience of life. And, this is where you can begin to sense your “vibes.”

Step 4: Do Only That Which Brings You Joy
A simple concept, but challenging to do when the phone is ringing, email is piling up and projects are behind deadline. (I understand... I experience these feelings myself sometimes.) But, the concept of living in JOY and the reality that this is actually your NATURAL state of BEING is at the essence of journeying through life trusting your vibes. You are not meant to struggle, or work hard doing something that doesn’t thrill you. Your Divine nature is to experience joy, so begin to look for those things that bring you joy. And, pursue those avenues. Following your joy is a great way to trust your vibes. Joy will never steer you down the wrong road.

I could write an entire book on this topic (perhaps I will some day), but for now I wanted to give you these four easy steps to begin with. Trusting your vibes is a key element to succeeding in the new model for conscious business success. So, set aside some time for yourself today to breathe, be still, and... follow your joy.

If you want to discover exactly how to do this, and how it relates to boosting your bottom line, be sure to attend my once-in-a-lifetime Freedom Formula Experience... where entrepreneurs discover exactly how to integrate practical business strategies and guiding Spiritual principles that put more purpose, passion and profit into your business, no matter what’s happening in the economy.

© 2008 Christine Kloser

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Conscious Entrepreneur: 3 Proven Strategies to Deepen Your Belief in Yourself

Belief. It is, by far, one of the most powerful concepts to embrace if you want to succeed as a conscious entrepreneur. Without belief in yourself you’ll be stopped in your tracks over and over again. And, you’ll continue wondering WHY you aren’t succeeding like you want to.

My heart broke when I read the hundreds of responses to my recent survey about the challenges you’re facing on your entrepreneurial and spiritual path. Many of you doubt yourself, and let fear paralyze you. Well, I’m here to help you through this.

But, before I share a few of my personal strategies for maintaining belief in yourself, I first want to assure you that I have not arrived yet, (perhaps Ill feel I’ve arrived when I make my transition out of this physical body). Anyway, no matter how much my business has grown, no matter how much success I experience, I still have bouts of fear and doubt. It usually happens when Im stepping into something much BIGGER than before, or when I forget who I really am, on a Soul level.

In fact, just last week, I was gripped by fear and had to do a lot of inner work to lift myself out of it and take the next bold step, (as my friend Kathryn Tull would say). I pulled out every tool I had, every strategy I knew to get back on track... and with the discipline to keep my mind out of that dark abyss of fear and spend time getting quiet with myself and asking for help, I got through it.

I share this with you because I think its important for you to know that fear and doubt don’t stop surfacing once you reach a certain level of success. Growth stretches you way out of your comfort zone, raises doubts and fears... and gives you the opportunity to learn from the experience, deepen your understanding of yourself, gain new insights and see things that you hadn’t seen before. And, at each level of success you have, the gifts you receive from the challenges you face are so much greater than they were before.

OK, now that we’ve got that straightened out, and you understand that you are not alone in your disbelief, but that it is quite common among entrepreneurs on this path, lets get into some specific strategies that have helped me increase the belief I have in myself. I share these knowing that if you implement them, they’ll help you, too.

1. Take care of yourself. This ones a big one. Taking care of yourself is one of the most important steps you can implement to increase belief in yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself, how could you possibly be of service to others? When you’re on an airplane, the flight attendant tells you to put your oxygen mask on FIRST, then you’re in a position to help others.

Taking care of yourself can mean different things to different people. For me it means taking time every day to meditate and journal, exercising six times a week, asking for help when I need it (and knowing where to get it), playing with my daughter, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, eating well and saying no to things that don’t serve me.

Get clear on what you need to take care of yourself and then do those things. When you take care of yourself in this way, it deepens your belief because you’re treating yourself like someone you truly VALUE! And, that helps others value you, too.

2. Do what you say you’re going to do. Someone once told me that the fastest route to boosting self-esteem and confidence is to do what you say you’re going to do. This comment stuck with me because it is so true, and it works. Just think about it.... if you continually say I’m going to do X, and you don’t do it, you’re affirming your low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

On the other hand, when you do what you say you’re going to do (call a specific person, take time to meditate, send out an email, write an article, take a walk, go to a business event, read a particular book, etc.) it BOOSTS your self-esteem and confidence. If you continually find yourself faced with lack of belief, chances are you have a history of breaking your word to yourself. Start keeping your word to the most important person (you) and watch your belief in yourself skyrocket.

3. Trust in your Divine plan. This is the fourth component of my definition of a conscious entrepreneur because its another critical aspect to your success. When disbelief, lack, fear and doubt creep in, you’ve got to deepen your trust in a higher/Divine plan. Everything in your life is happening for a reason... even the challenges, pain and fear you may be facing today.

So, the next time you feel your lack of faith surfacing or lack of belief showing up again, I invite you to take a close look at what these feelings are here to show you. (They are here to point you in the RIGHT direction.) So, rather than get angry and scared, instead ask yourself, What am I meant to learn from this experience? What good is here for me to discover? What shift am I supposed to embrace? And, I’m telling you, when you dig deep enough to have absolute trust that all is unfolding with Divine perfection, you WILL find that nugget of insight that’ll change everything. This strategy alone has saved me on more occasions than I care to count. And, it will for you, too.

I know I’m just barely touching the tip of the iceberg here on this topic, but I wanted to give you something to get started with. So, please embrace one of these strategies today and begin believing in yourself at a whole new level.

copyright 2008 Christine Kloser

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Business Planning: The Secret to Setting "Miraculous" Business Goals

To plan, or not to plan? That is the question! Perhaps you can relate to my relationship with planning; typically, for the past several years, I'd review my year-end goals and set out a plan for everything I want to do the following year. And, year after year, there are always more goals than I can manage to achieve. You may find yourself in the same situation... with so many things you'd like to complete in a year, but not able to get everything done.

But, this year something different is happening for me. And, when I recently attended my mastermind meeting in Las Vegas, I saw my same experience echoed by most of my colleagues.

Let me offer you a little background... The members of my Mastermind group decided to work together to complete our One Page Business Plan, based on Jim Horan's book of the same title. This was the best planning tool I've ever used... it helped all of us narrow our focus and gain crystal clarity on what was most important for us and our business.

The One Page Business Planning process, I believe, is what allowed me to do something I'd never done before... which is the fifth gift I received from my Mastermind trip to Las Vegas.

Gift #5: Create space for miracles to appear.

With a realistic, attainable, inspiring and strategic business plan in place, I allowed myself to attend my mastermind meeting in Las Vegas with the freedom of knowing my business finally had a clear direction for the year. The interesting thing about having a written plan in place was that it allowed me to not plan for every last detail of what I wanted to occur for the entire year.

In years past, this would have "freaked me out" a little bit. But, what I realized during my Mastermind meeting in Las Vegas was that many of us hadn't planned our entire year in specific detail. Rather, we knew WHAT we wanted to achieve throughout the year, but we didn't try to determine exactly HOW those goals were going to be realized. Instead, many of us consciously allowed ourselves to create space for miracle to appear.

Now, you may be wondering what I mean when I say "miracles" especially since miracles aren't something you'll typically find in a business plan. Perhaps the best way to explain this is to give you an example from my own business.

One of the goals I had in my business plan was to increase my gross revenues to one million dollars this year. I knew I wanted to achieve this goal, but I didn't focus on exactly how it was going to happen. Instead, I told myself I would see what unfolds as a results of the plan I had in place for the first half of the year... which included the release of my new book The Freedom Formula, the launch of my 2008 Get Your Book Done publishing program, the release of my next book Conscious Entrepreneurs, and my 3rd Annual Conscious Entrepreneurs Tele-Summit.

I felt confident in surrendering the 2nd half of the year's plan and allowing myself to be guided toward what I was destined to do. As a result of allowing myself to remain open to what showed up, I was shown exactly what I needed to do for the rest of the year. I was supposed to create a LIVE event based on my book called The Freedom Formula Experience.

How did I know I was supposed to be doing this? Because it was fun, easy and effortless. Every resource I dreamed would show up... showed up! Including easily getting Neale Donald Walsch, James Twyman and Marianne Williamson to come speak at the event live! Believe me, if I hadn't created space for miracles to appear, I'm sure this wouldn't have happened with the ease and grace it did. I'm still pinching myself to ensure that it's real.

The most beautiful thing about this experience of 'creating space for miracles to appear is that many of my colleagues were also following the same inner guidance. One of them allowed for a void to bring forth his most valuable creative piece of work ever, another colleague cleared space and birthed a new program for her clients that is more aligned with her soul's calling (and an exciting new method for delivering her new ideas), and another colleague showed up without an agenda and left Las Vegas with a concept for a whole new direction for her business.

You see, when you allow yourself to stop 'forcing' and 'willing' your way through your plans, (and replace those behaviors with allowance, trust, openness and receptivity) you DO create space for miracles to occur; miracles that will guide you day by day and moment by moment to exactly where you're meant to BE.

Conscious Business: The REAL Meaning of a "Service Based" Business

How often have you heard the term "service-based" business? Pretty frequently, I'm sure. Usually when you hear people (perhaps
yourself) talk about a service business, they are referring to a service rather than a product that is offered to their clients. For the sake of business it is important to consider all of your products and services in your marketing mix. However, one of the most important things to consider is a much higher definition of the word "service" and clarity on how your business serves the greatest good of all.

This concept of REAL service quickly surfaced as the unplanned theme for a recent tele-summit that I planned, and I'm not surprised at all. Everywhere I turn more entrepreneurs are stepping up to claim that business is a VEHICLE to help in the positive transformation of our world. You see, the service your business offers goes FAR beyond the specific services you provide in exchange for money.

The true service of your business is not the offering you make to one particular individual; rather it is the service that your business (as a whole) offers to the world. When I interviewed Anita Pathik-Law for the tele-summit, she spoke of a collective urgency for entrepreneurs to serve. We got into an engaging conversation about the shifts going on in our world right now, and the rising energy of conscious entrepreneurs everywhere to do what they can to be of service in the highest way possible.

So, how does this (concept of serving the highest good for all)
relate to your specific business? There are two strategies I
recommend to help you connect this to your entrepreneurial endeavors:

1) Shift Your Perspective: Often in business it's easy to get wrapped up in the details of your day-to-day operations. You've got a new webpage to post, a new product to develop, client calls, an article to write, email to manage and phone calls to return... just to name a few things that are probably on your daily task list. And, when you're stuck in this kind of detail, it is easy to lose your perspective. All you can see is the task at hand and getting it done.

When this happens, I invite you to take a "time out" (for me, it's typically a day at the Chocolate Spa in Hershey PA... or quiet time in the hammock on my deck). This intention of your "time out" is to step away from the details of your business and reconnect with your higher vision. Chances are you didn't start your business to deal with details all day. You started it to make a difference in the lives of others, and to have a positive impact on the world. Too often, this gets lost in the mix of things to do. So, when you give yourself a break, take time to dream of the ultimate service your business (and YOU) wants to offer to the world. There is SOMETHING that YOU are here to do. There is a higher purpose you are here to serve. Allow yourself the time and space to connect with THAT level of service. It will be the driving force for all of your business and personal success.

2) Let the Universe Work Its' Magic: I love this strategy. It's been one of the most effective strategies I've implemented this year. And, that is, to not try to plan everything. Too often, as a business owner, you feel driven to plan for every last project that you've got slated for the year. This can be a big mistake. Because, in planning out every last project, you don't leave much room for the Universe to work it's magic and SHOW YOU what the next steps are for you and your business. I see so many entrepreneur struggling to figure out what to do next, when all they need to do is release their struggle and ALLOW "what's next" to reveal itself!

I know from my own personal experience, that when I allowed the space in my life (and my calendar) for the Universe to reveal my next steps, I was shown something that would never have surfaced if I had TRIED to plan it. And, what revealed itself was my service to the world through being a voice for conscious entrepreneurs.

So, on your journey of experiencing the REAL meaning of service-based business, I invite you to implement these two strategies (shift your perspective and let the Universe work its magic) so you discover exactly how you and your business are ultimately meant to serve the world.

© 2008 Christine Kloser

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Conscious Entrepreneur: Your Greatest Business Asset... that Doesn't Cost a Dime

What do you think about when you hear the words “business asset.” You may start thinking about your business, physical property (computers, equipment, inventory, etc.), the money you have in the bank, your client list, your database of subscribers, equity you may have in a building or a number of other “tangible” assets. No matter how many assets you can think of like this, none of them are your most valuable asset.

Your most valuable asset is invisible. It’s not something you can touch or feel, nor is it a number on a bank statement somewhere. As a conscious entrepreneur, the greatest business asset you own is your FAITH! Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not talking about anything that has to do with a particular religion. This is not about religious faith.

The type of faith I’m talking about is faith in your Divine Plan, faith in yourself, faith in the purpose you’ve been given to fulfill, faith in the Universe conspiring for your highest good (even when it appears like the opposite), faith to invest in yourself when you don’t know where the money is going to come from and faith that KNOWS no matter what, you’ll be OK.

I understand that faith doesn’t typically arise in a conversation about business assets, but yesterday I was blessed with having a profound conversation with a few of my mastermind colleagues about the necessity for this asset in business. We were supposed to spend our call talking about list-building strategies, but somehow ended up talking about what it really takes to succeed. Specially, one of my colleagues asked me how I’ve been able to get to this point in my business… on the eve of launching my biggest event ever (The Freedom Formula Experience) and sending my book to best-seller status on

My answer to her was “faith.” And, from there our conversation grew and I realized how important it is to openly talk about this asset as a necessary part of your business. For me, faith is about laying EVERYTHING on the line, getting rid of your “back doors” and being willing to say YES to the opportunities that resonate with your soul. In the incredible movie, The Moses Code, Michael Beckwith said, “God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.” And, this is exactly what I mean when I think about how faith has played a part in my success. I heard my call and said YES to the experiences that were my “qualification.”

The same is true for any conscious entrepreneur. So, the next time an opportunity shows up for you that resonates with your soul, and you’re petrified to TAKE ACTION (believe me, I know how scary it is to take action when you have no logical reason to do so), I invite you to take a leap of faith and say YES to yourself! This tangible demonstration of faith is the quickest way to tell the Universe you are SERIOUS about getting out of your comfort zone and doing what it takes to fulfill your greatest dreams.

© 2008 Christine Kloser

Would you like to use this article? You may as long as you include the following information along with the article: Christine Kloser, author of The Fre^edom Formula, helps small business owners put soul in their business and money in the bank. If you want to enjoy a purpose-driven business and a soul-satisfying life, send for my special report, How to Avoid the 3 Massive Mistakes Made by Most Conscious Entrepreneurs and my audio, 7 Strategies Entrepreneurial Authors Need to Know... Before Writing a Word, both of which you get (at no charge) when you request my Conscious Business Success Kit at

Monday, September 8, 2008

Time Management: How to Give Yourself the Sacred Gift of Time

Ask any entrepreneur what their most valuable commodity is and, they’ll probably say it’s their time. Unlike money, resources, ideas and faith (which can all increase) time remains constant; no matter whom you are or what you do, there are only 24 hours in a day to live your dreams and goals. So, why do entrepreneurs often struggle with time? Especially, taking time for you?

As a conscious entrepreneur, you most likely have an abundance of creative ideas you want to implement in your business. And, it’s not unreasonable for you to stay up late or perhaps work on weekends to pursue the passion that wants to be expressed through your business. Taking time to pursue your dreams in this way is part of the entrepreneurial journey (as long as you’re not working late every night).

But, what about sacred time for yourself? Time for you to reconnect with your spiritual essence, time for reflection, meditation, contemplation and insight; time to pray, journal and ask for God’s guidance? This is the most valuable time you’ll ever experience, and it has a direct effect on your bottom-line.

With the accelerated journey I’m on after the release of my book (The Freedom Formula) on, I’m remembering how much of a priority it is to give myself the sacred gift of time… it’s as essential to my success as my marketing is. And, it is for you, too.

Recently, I’ve been shifting into some new ways to enjoy the sacred gift of time to simply be with myself, and with God. I’d like to share two of these with you right now in hopes that you, too, will commit to enjoying more time taking care of your heart and soul.

1. Journaling. One of my favorite ways to connect with my soul is through journaling. I love how the words simply flow from my pen. Sometimes I’ll write about those things I’m grateful for; sometimes I’ll write about a specific issues that hasn’t been resolved and ask for the solution to reveal itself to me; sometimes I’ll write about a recent success and everything I learned through that experience; sometimes I’ll simply begin by writing, “today I feel…” and take it from there; sometimes I write about the miracles that show up in my life everyday. Your journaling options are truly endless.

One of the most joyous things I’m experiencing in my recent journaling is that I’m writing in a journal I created myself. With the guidance of some creative friends at the Evolutionary Women’s Retreat, I took a simple composition book and proceeded to decorate the cover (and every single page inside) with beautiful words and photos I cut from magazines. Now, when I open my journal, I receive a unique message on every page… sometimes that message alone is the prompt for my journal entry.

So, I encourage you to take a look at your own experience with journaling and if you haven’t done it in a while, or simply need to shift the intention for your journaling, now is the time. Enjoy this sacred time to communicate with the essence of who you really are.

2. Mindful Walking. This is another one of my favorite ways to connect with myself and embrace some time to simply BE, and remember my Divine nature. Often I find my mind becomes still when my body is in motion, so mindful walking really works for me. With this activity, I have changed my usual cardiovascular exercise routine (on the elliptical with techno music playing on my iPod) to a glorious morning walk around my hilly neighborhood listening to inspirational songs by Karen Drucker.

The beauty of mindful walking is that you simultaneously take care of your physical body, while nourishing your soul with the nature that surrounds you and the gift of inspirational music that lifts your spirit. I’ll often find myself singing along, “When I start my day with love, that’s what I get more of, is love.” And, you can’t help but have a glorious day when it begins like this!

One of your responsibilities, as a conscious entrepreneur, is to do what you must to stay connected to your soul. You have a huge mission in the world and so many lives to touch through your work; giving yourself this sacred gift of time needs to be a priority so you can stay inspired, grounded and fulfilled as you pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.

© 2008 Christine Kloser

Would you like to use this article? You may as long as you include the following information along with the article: Christine Kloser, author of The Fre^edom Formula, helps small business owners put soul in their business and money in the bank. If you want to enjoy a purpose-driven business and a soul-satisfying life, send for my special report, How to Avoid the 3 Massive Mistakes Made by Most Conscious Entrepreneurs and my audio, 7 Strategies Entrepreneurial Authors Need to Know... Before Writing a Word, both of which you get (at no charge) when you request my Conscious Business Success Kit at

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Conscious Business: The Secret Internal Ingredient of Business Growth

When was the last time you heard someone talking about the proverbial “next level” in their business? Probably in the last 24 hours! Well, I don’t know about you... but I’m a little tired of hearing this phrase over and over again.

When I was in Las Vegas with my mastermind colleagues, we originally thought we were there to take our businesses to the “next level.” After all, isn’t that what mastermind groups are all about? Progress in your business! But, I soon began to notice something each time a colleague stood in front of the room to share... the realization of which leads me to third gift I received in Las Vegas.

Gift #3: The only “next level” is within YOU.

Colleague after colleague, each time someone stood in front of the room and started talking about where they were in their business, it became crystal clear that the only journey we were there to take was the journey within.

Many entrepreneurs (myself included) have made the mistake of thinking that business growth is something that you experience on the outside in terms of increased clients, more money, more web traffic, more referrals, more invitations to speak, more of whatever you desire in your business. And, yes, those things are all outward expressions of growth... but the only thing that SUSTAINS the external growth of a FULFILLING business is the internal growth of your soul. (Yes, this is why my new book is called The Freedom Formula: How to Put SOUL in Your Business and MONEY in Your Bank.)

Sustained, fulfilling growth does NOT come from what you DO in the external world; rather, it comes from the work you do on the inside. Sustained growth and the progress of your business’ evolution is less about the business than it is about YOU. As a conscious business owner, the only thing stopping you from all the success you desire is you, not your external circumstance.

Please forgive me if I’m coming on strong here, but I speak from my own experience. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, or have read my new book, you know that I have been through some very challenging times in my business... on the edge of bankruptcy and struggling to pay my rent. It wasn’t until I stopped TRYING to make my business work, (and started to INQUIRE WITHIN about where I needed to grow so that my business COULD grow)... that my business drastically changed for the better. So, now when I catch myself focused on the external aspects of my business, it’s a reminder for me that the growth isn’t going to occur “out there”, the growth is going to occur inside of me. Then, and only then, do I experience the results I desire on the outside.

So, the next time you find yourself wanting to get your business to the “next level”... it’s a sign that the time has come for you to go to the next level within yourself. Where do YOU need to go? What’s working? What’s not working? Why are you unfulfilled with the current state of your business? What would “light you up?” What old thoughts no longer serve you? It is this self-inquiry that leads you down the path to REAL, sustainable and fulfilling success.

©2008 Love Your Life, LLC

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Conscious Business: How Vulnerability Helps Your Business Grow

If you’re reading this right now, it’s pretty safe for me to assume that you are (or want to be) an entrepreneur. You’re likely filled with creative ideas and numerous ways in which you want to share your gifts with the world while getting paid well. This, after all, is part of what makes you a conscious entrepreneur... you want to make money AND make a difference, big time!

One of the characteristics you may possess as an entrepreneur is strength. I know this is true for me. I’ve been through so much in my business that I have acquired a tremendous amount of strength, especially during the times of adversity. Let’s face it, it takes strength to wake up everyday and pursue your dream when the odds look like they’re stacked against you. It takes strength to stay focused on your goals when life throws you a curve ball. It takes strength to stay true to who you are, when other people pile their expectations on you. It takes strength to endure in what can be a very challenging and uncomfortable journey at times. But, as an entrepreneur, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

However, strength (as we commonly think of it) is an illusion. And, this is the next gift I want to share with you from Las Vegas.

Gift #2: Your strength comes from your vulnerability.

When I arrived in Las Vegas on May 2 my colleagues would never have guessed what was going on inside of me. On the outside, it was apparent that I’m experiencing a lot of success: my book The Freedom Formula was just released, my new website was launched, my clients are making great strides, I recently hired four new team members to help manage the growth in my business, I have a clear vision of the next phase of my company.... I’m living in the “sweet spot” where gifts are manifesting every single day in surprising and awesome ways.

You’d think my feelings of strength and confidence would also be at an all time high. You’d think I would have bound up to the front of the room when it was my turn to share and rave about all of the great things happening to and through me. Now, I certainly could have played that role when I was speaking to my colleagues, but something inside me knew I had to be brutally honest with myself, and with them. And, so I proceeded to share some of the “wins” I was experiencing... and then proceeded to be completely vulnerable (as I’m being right here, right now, with you) and share with them that my confidence felt like it was plummeting. After they picked their jaws up off the floor from the shock of my statement, they gently asked me to tell them more about what was going on. And, I did.

I shared the struggles, fears, doubts and challenges that were surfacing along with my victories and successes. I allowed myself to let go of any feeling of how I “should” be and showed up exactly how I was in that moment. And, as a result of being vulnerable with my trusted colleagues, we all engaged in a meaningful discussion about the common challenges we (as entrepreneurs) face. The challenges we discussed were not about the external aspects of our business like marketing, systems, websites, strategy, etc. Rather, the discussions were around our spiritual connection, mission, mindset, passion, purpose and our desire to EXPERIENCE ourselves at our best THROUGH our business.

Somewhere in the middle of our deep conversation, I could feel my confidence and strength being restored. All I needed was to be authentic, honest and vulnerable with my trusted colleagues. And, allow myself to receive the abundant gifts that came forth from our deep conversation. What I discovered is that I wasn’t alone in my feelings of fear and doubt. And, that all of us (at one time or another) face these doubts in order to move through them.

I think where entrepreneurs get in a real “pickle” is when they feel they always have to show their strength; when they force themselves to appear like they “have it all together”; when they don’t have a space to simply BE and SHARE their truth.

So, I invite you to create safe and sacred relationships with colleagues you know, like and trust. And when your feelings of fear and doubt begin to surface, rather than willing or forcing your way through it, allow yourself to be authentic, honest and vulnerable. It is in THAT space where you’ll receive the abundant gifts that arise around and within you the moment you BE exactly who you are.

©2008 Love Your Life, LLC

Want To Use This Article In Your Ezine or Website? You have my permission, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Christine Kloser, Author of The Freedom Formula®, publishes the revolutionary ‘Conscious Business Connection’ ezine. If you're ready to put Soul in your business and Money in your Bank, get your FR^EE tips now at

Monday, May 19, 2008

Conscious Business: How to Be a Business Leader Beyond Your Business

I recently attended a meeting of my mastermind group in Las Vegas. They're a group I've been meeting with for the past two years. Those meetings have always been a phenomenal experience for me... experiences that helped me catapult my business from struggle to success. This latest meeting, however, truly changed my life. I had the extraordinary experience of enjoying two days with like-minded colleagues in the most powerful, authentic mastermind I've ever attended.

So, you may be wondering what was so different about this one? Well, let me tell you.

This mastermind had no leader. It was the first one I’ve been to that was a result of a group of individuals coming together on their own accord to support each other. Nobody got paid; nobody was responsible for the group; nobody was “in charge.” And, it was pure magic... which brings me to the first gift Las Vegas taught me about business.

Gift #1: Show up as a leader.

You may be wondering how my weekend in Las Vegas even occurred when nobody was in charge. Here we were; a group of 10 entrepreneurs from across the United States and Canada, sitting in a meeting room in Las Vegas having some of the most powerful conversations of our lives... and nobody was in charge. So, how’d it happen? How did we orchestrate such an undertaking if nobody was at the helm? The secret is... we were ALL leaders.

So now, you may be wondering... if we were all leaders, how did anything get done? How could we be productive with ten leaders at the helm? You’d think it would be mayhem. But, it was the exact opposite. It was easy, calm, fun and totally ‘in the flow.’

The key to this was that everyone showed up as a leader... but, not in the same role at the same time. For example, two people worked together to negotiate the hotel contract, another person worked on the agenda, I coordinated our “night on the town” (where we danced our hearts out until 4:00 in the morning), someone else kept time during the meetings, someone else conducted a round-table conversation about our accountability/buddy system, someone else brought the movie “The Moses Code” for us to watch together, someone else facilitated our closing, etc. Everyone contributed their piece exactly as it was meant to be. The whole experience was 100% perfect. We were all in charge... and we were all changed.

What I’m taking away from this, and what I want you to consider for yourself, is that you ARE a leader, even if you’re not in a designated leadership position. As an entrepreneur, you have built-in leadership skills, so use them outside of your own business. Be willing to step up, to chip in, to do your part as an individual... for the good of the WHOLE.

As I spoke with Donna (my Online Business Manager) for our weekly meeting, she asked me why it was such a profound weekend for me. And, the answer somewhat surprised me when I said it, but the most profound piece of the weekend was that as I experienced everyone showing up as a leader... everyone taking responsibility, everyone knowing when to step up (and when to step back)... I couldn’t help but imagine what our world would be like if everyone showed up as we did, as leaders working together for the good of the whole. We’d live in a different world if this were the case.

So, I invite you to take a look at the groups you belong to, the communities you participate in, the teams you’re a part of... and see if you can contribute more as a leader, not for your own sake but for the sake of the highest and best good of everyone involved.

©2008 Love Your Life, LLC

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Monday, April 28, 2008

How to Achieve All of Your Goals

More often than not when people learn about all the projects I manage at once, and notice that I actually COMPLETE them... they always ask me the same question, “How do you get all this stuff done?” For me, it boils down to a simple process that I go through every time I set a goal for myself. Whether the goal is to get in better shape (like losing 4 pounds in the last 10 days), launch a new program, create a new website, meet a particular expert or publish a book... the process is always the same.

Now, before I share my process with you, let me assure you that “I” don’t get all this stuff done. I do some of it, and my fantastic (and growing) team does the rest. Many people are shocked to find out that I rarely work on Fridays, don’t work on weekends and still have plenty of time to go to the gym six times per week, cook for my family and play with my daughter (Hi-Ho-Cherry-O is her favorite game). And, I take at least two vacations a year not including a whole bunch of weekend family trips. For me, this is the only way to run a business... so that it doesn’t run you.

Anyway, let’s get into my five-step strategy to help you achieve all of your goals:

1. Know WHY You Want To Achieve The Goal.
Any goal worth achieving has to have deep roots in your heart. You’ve got to know exactly WHY this goal is important to you. Because, let’s face it. You’ll most likely hit a few stumbling blocks along your way to achieving this goal, and sometimes you may want to quit. But, if you are deeply connected to the reason WHY the goal is important to you, nothing can hold you back.

2. Be Crystal clear About Your Vision.
Once you know WHY you want to achieve the goal, the next step is to enjoy taking some time to clarify your vision of the goals. You want to ingrain your vision into your mind so it is there all the time, no matter what. Especially if you have a bad day, or hit a block, you’ll rely on your crystal clear vision to remind you of that which you want to achieve. The more vivid the picture, the more connected you are emotionally to the results you want to achieve, the easier they manifest in your life.

3. Don’t Worry About “How”
Ahhhh! This is a good one. HOW is absolutely none of your business! If you ever find yourself up against a big goal and you notice those voices of fear and doubt creeping in to say, “Yeah, but how are you going to do that?” Your job is to ignore them. If you focus on trying to figure out “how”... you will take your focus away from your goal. Remember, what you think about your bring about. Stay focused on the “what” and the “how” will reveal itself to you.

4. Put Yourself In Environments That Support Your Success.
I think this step is my favorite, because I THRIVE on being surrounded by like-minded people who believe in me and my dreams. The best thing about creating supportive environments around you is that they are there to remind you of your greatness. This could mean hiring a coach, participating in a mastermind group, listening to audios that uplift you, etc... these are all environments and a crucial part of the process to achieving all of your goals.

5. Have Faith... and Keep Going.
90% of the time, you’ll find me wearing a ring that says “when you have faith” on the outside, and “all things are possible” on the inside. I wear this ring as a constant reminder that faith is the key to everything. It’s impossible (or at least extremely difficult) to achieve your goals when you have no faith in the greater energy of the Universe/God. God wants you to have everything your heart desires... you wouldn’t have had the desire if you didn’t ALREADY have everything you need to realize it. (As Robert A. Russell says in God Works Through Faith, “the answer precedes the question”.) So, above all, have faith and know that if you keep going IN faith, everything you dream of is yours.

I trust that if you follow this five-step process every time you set a goal, you will achieve it. I know it sounds too simple to be true, but I assure you that any goal I’ve achieved in the past 5 years has been realized by using this process. I wish you much joy as you set (and achieve) your goals!

©2008 Love Your Life, LLC

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Monday, March 31, 2008

The Secret of Giving

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, ‘Give and you shall receive.’ But, have you ever stopped to really examine this phrase and implement it into your life? I know I’ve heard this concept over and over again, but hadn’t understood the immense depth of its simple, yet powerful promise... until this month.

You see, two weeks ago, I got to spend the day with Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God. One of my girlfriends and I joined an intimate group of people for Neale’s 1-day discussion about his new book, Happier Than God. I’m not sure if it was the power of Neale’s words, the combined energy of the people who were there, or the beauty of the live music that was shared throughout the day... but the stage was set for me (and everyone) to “get” what we came for.

So, it was nearly three-quarters through the day when Neale talked about giving as the key to receiving. And, for some reason... a light bulb went off in my mind (and my heart) when I heard him speak about this topic. It was unlike any other time I had heard this “secret.” Let me explain.

Now, I’m not sure how much you know about me, but if you’re familiar with my story then you’re aware of the fact that I had some significant financial challenges in a few of my past business endeavors. I was driven to the point of near-bankruptcy and faced some extraordinarily lean years. In those years, I wasn’t as aware as I am today, and I let feelings of fear, doubt, worry and lack direct some of my behavior. What ended up happening to me over those years, as a result of my fear of financial ruin, is that I focused mostly on what I needed to get (to survive) rather than what I could give.

This mindset of focusing on what I could get, rather than what I could give became my default mode of operation. All the while, I knew that it was in giving that I would receive. Thankfully, the more I learned, grew and understood... the more I would remind myself to focus on what I could give, rather than what I could get. And, what do you know? When I started shifting my focus to be more about how I could help and give to others, the more I received (more happiness, more fulfillment, more referrals, more creativity, more opportunities and more money)!

So, I went to Neale’s discussion with a pretty good understanding of this concept, but what I walked away with was how much more there was to this simple statement of, ‘Give and you shall receive.’ What I learned about this statement that “hit” me BIG time is that it is literally in the MOMENT of giving that you receive. It doesn’t happen after the fact, it happens instantly! And, Neale encourages us to identify what we wanted more of. Some of the examples people gave were: wanting more love, more acceptance, more money and more connection. And, we were guided to embrace the truth that if we wanted more love we needed to GIVE love, if we wanted more acceptance we needed to GIVE acceptance to others, if we wanted more money we needed to GIVE more money and if we wanted more connection we needed to GIVE connection to others.

I know this sounds like a simple concept, but I tell you, the depth at which I “got it” was profound. And, in the past two weeks I have GIVEN more than I ever have before, and I’ve also received more of everything (connections, opportunity, money, creativity and support) than I ever have before.

The real secret of giving is that you cannot give anything that you don’t already have. So, if you give love it means you have love in the moment you give it... for it would be impossible to give it if you didn’t already have it within you. And, that goes for anything and everything you want more of. Give to others and you’ll instantly have the experience of receiving. It’s impossible not to.

I invite you now, to identify something in your life you want more of. Get clear on what that is. Then, make a conscious effort to give that which you want to receive. And, notice how it feels to realize that the moment you give it IS the moment you have it for yourself. Have fun with this... it is pure magic!

©2008 Christine Kloser

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why (and How) Speed Matters

You may be asking how to walk this fine line between creating a hugely expansive vision, and not having it bring up negative emotions. I want to share a principle here that will help you walk this line with ease, trust and joy. This is something I learned walking through my own challenges along the entrepreneurial journey. Because, let’s face it, it’s not easy to create a whole new and exciting vision for your business (and your life) when you may not know where our next month’s rent (or sometimes your next day’s meal) is coming from.

The principle is that of speed. Often, when you think of speed, you think of executing an action in the physical world. The speed in which you make a follow-up call, gather information, get a product to market, make more money, build your website, etc. It’s all about the physical, tangible world of “making things happen.”

But, the speed I’m talking about here, to keep you energized and inspired about your vision, is the speed in which you reconnect to your Source when the feelings of fear, doubt, despair or lack creep in. When you’re able to raise your awareness to the infinite supply of the Universe and to the Divine Perfection of your life, you’ll see that whatever is happening in the moment is part of the Divine Plan. You’ll be able to manage the negative emotions more easily and rise back up into the higher emotional states much more quickly.

No matter how difficult a challenge you may be facing, the ability to connect with Source quickly is the key to moving through it. This principle really showed itself to me when I experienced a miscarriage with my second baby. I had wanted nothing more than to bring another child into our family. So, you can imagine my despair when I miscarried the day after Christmas in 2006 (after having announced the pregnancy as a gift to our families on Christmas day). I remember when the loss finally hit me on a deep emotional level four days later; I simply crumbled into a pile of tears on the cold tile floor in my bathroom. I sobbed uncontrollably at the depth of the loss I experienced in miscarrying.

But, during my intense and cathartic cry, I somehow made my way to my journal and began to write about what I was experiencing. Through my writing, I was able to reconnect with Source and the feeling that somehow, this too, was happening in alignment with my Divine Plan. I shifted how I related to my loss and despair and gained a new perspective in which to move through this experience... right in the middle of the moment I was feeling it the deepest. The speed in which I consciously connected to Source was integral in the rapid and radical transformations I made in my life and my business as a result of this loss in my life.

I trust you’re beginning to see how it is possible to create a vision larger than anything you’ve dreamed of before, while being able to manage any negative emotions that come along with that vision. You maintain a conscious awareness of the infinite abundance of the Universe/God.

In the world of high performance sports training they do something called speed drills, where the sole focus of the exercise is to consistently increase speed. Consider this your own personal speed drill. It may take a while to strengthen your speed “muscles” because they may have become atrophied over time. Right now you get to recondition those “muscles” to respond to heavier and heavier loads. The “load” in this case is the size of your vision, and the negative emotions that may surface when you’re scared of it. The more expansive your vision is, the heavier the load is which means you have more resistance to work with. The beauty of this is that it’s an oppor^tunity to delve into your spirituality and connect with Source more deeply than ever before.

©2008 Christine Kloser

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Be Open to Receive

For many of conscious business owners, you're very used to giving, serving and being there for others. Receiving, on the other hand, doesn’t come as naturally. To give you an example, recall a moment when you received a genuine compliment from a friend. What did you do? Chances are you down played whatever they acknowledged in you. Compliments are rarely received with a simple, “thank you.” There’s usually something attached to it to diminish the significance of that which you’re being complimented on.

Perhaps it comes from a society that told you, “don’t be too full of yourself,” “it’s not nice to brag,” and the list could go on and on. Culturally we are not raised to hold our heads high and say “thank you,” I appreciate your acknowledgment and I agree with you. Whatever the reason for this dismissal of receiving compliments doesn’t matter. What matters is that you become aware of how you personally stand in this regard and begin accepting compliments in a completely new way.

So, why are we talking about compliments, and how to accept them? Because it’s a lesson in Receiving 101. How you receive a compliment is indicative of your overall ability to receive. The next time someone gives you a compliment, whether it’s for your fantastic shoes, a stellar speech, or your ability to listen and support, practice simply saying “thank you.” And stop there! Do not justify, do not explain how you got the shoes on sale, or didn’t really think your speech was very good, or that it was “nothing” to be there for a friend. These are all ways to show the Universe that you are not ready to receive... anything. How can you receive money, love, or fame, whatever you desire, if you can’t receive a compliment on your new shoes?! Think about it.

Another fantastic way to exercise your receiving muscle is around the good green stuff. No, not wheat grass... we’re talking about money, here! Have you ever done this? You receive a payment for one of your products or services, and rather than expressing your deepest gratitude for receiving the money (even if it’s only a $20) you dismiss the money with an instant thought of how it’s not enough. Well, what kind of message are you sending to the Universe when you do this? How can you expect to attract thousands of dollars, perhaps millions of dollars, if you have no appreciation for $20?

I can only share this with you because I’ve been guilty of this myself. There have been times when I would attract even thousands of dollars, and the first thought in my mind was, “it’s not enough, I need more.” Rather than, “thank you!” It was like a magnet with a negative force that repelled money away from me. And it will for you, too. I’ve even learned to stop and pick up pennies I see lying on the ground (thanks to T. Harv Eker), with the awareness that those pennies remind me to acknowledge my gratitude for receiving even the smallest amount of money.

So, now I ask you to take an honest assessment of how your receive money. Do you receive $1,000 differently than $10? What do you need to do to have the same feeling of gratitude no matter what the amount is? This is your exercise. Begin looking for pennies on the ground, and picking them up with a feeling of gratitude, as if it’s a “God wink” especially for you. If you receive checks, when you endorse them write the words “thank you” on the check. Chellie Campbell taught me this strategy several years ago, and it works.

If you have an Internet based business and you never physically hold the money, but simply see a receipt that a deposit has been made to your bank account, take a moment, when you get the receipt, to acknowledge receiving that money as if it were handed to you. You can simply say the words “thank you” out loud as if you were talking directly to God for sending the money to you. If you’d like you can add a statement like this, “I gratefully receive the money you have sent to me. I acknowledge this money as a Divine gift and accept it with joy and gratitude.” Notice the difference between this statement and the words, “It’s not enough, I need more.”

Now, make a conscious choice to appreciate every dollar (every penny) that you receive. Trust that the Universe hears you loud and clear... and will send plenty more money to you. And, be thankful in advance for receiving that which is coming your way!

©2008 Christine Kloser

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Friday, January 4, 2008

4 Simple Steps to Set Your 2008 Intentions

At the beginning of the year, you may find yourself stuck between celebrating the success of last year, planning for the New Year and perhaps overwhelmed by everything you have on your full plate. You’re not alone. Most conscious entrepreneurs go through this type of celebration, anticipation and yes, sometimes even overwhelm. That being said, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to take some time to get laser-focused on what you want to experience and manifest this year.

For the past 5 years, my husband and I have always spent New Year’s Day clarifying and writing our intentions for the New Year. This ritual is a highlight of the year and one that continues to catapult growth on all levels, and help me fully prepare for the year... mentally, emotionally, practically and spiritually.

You’ve probably heard that the most powerful thing you can do to manifest your goals is to write them down! There is something about putting your goals in writing that begins to align the Universe to help you realize them (or something better).

The following four step process is one of my personal New Year strategies. I hope you’ll print this out and get started with your intentions today!

Step 1: Complete

The first step to setting clear intentions for the New Year is to feel complete with the events and experiences of the last year. To do this, simply reflect on the past year... beginning back in January. In your mind, run through the year noting the accomplishments, challenges, successes, growth, opportunities and gifts that you experienced. Once you’ve taken time to reflect on the past year, allow yourself to release anything that you may be hanging on to. Take several deep relaxing breaths as you envision completing the year and become fully present to this moment and all the potential that lies ahead for this year.

Step 2: Celebrate

Next, take out a pen and paper and write a list of everything you have to celebrate from the past year. Focus on all areas of your life, including spiritual (connection to God, meditation, spiritual practice, spiritual community, trust in Divine plan, etc.), personal (health, relationships, fulfillment, family, friends, community, love, etc.), financial (overall financial health, income, debt reduction, investments, money management, etc.), business (new strategies, marketing programs, joint ventures, products and services, client successes, gross income, profitability, support, etc.). Take time to complete your list thoroughly and review it to fully embrace your success and evolution this past year.

Step 3: Focus

Once you finish completing and celebrating, now become focused on all that you want to manifest this year. Simply create the picture of this coming year in your mind’s eye, getting a clear vision of what you intend to manifest and experience (don’t write anything down, yet... just envision it in your mind and feel it in your heart). Again, as you did in Step 2 “Celebrate”, be sure to include the areas of spiritual, personal, financial and business.

Step 4: Commit

The last step is to commit your intentions for the year by putting them in writing. This is the most powerful step of the journey; it’s the beginning of taking the vision in your mind and bringing it into reality. There are two different methods I recommend for writing down your intentions for the year, choose the one that feels like the right fit for you: 1) write a description of your year from the standpoint of January 1, 2009 including all the details of what has transpired during this year... be grateful in advance! 2) Write a bullet point-list of your intentions for the year in each of these 4 areas (spiritual, personal, financial and business). You can write your list on index cards putting one area of your life on a different card.

Once you complete this four step process (hopefully you’ve also listened to the guided meditation on this process), there is one last BONUS step to include with all of your writings. And, that is to write “this or something better” at the bottom of the paper. Because, as expansive as your intentions and vision for this year are, God/The Universe sees so much more for you. There are gifts waiting for you that you cannot begin to imagine. So, enjoy being clear and energized about this incredible year knowing that you also leave space for miracles to occur.

© 2007 Christine Kloser

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