Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Leap Your Way to Success

What would you say if I told you there was a simple way to leap to your next level of success? You’d probably say, “Well, what is it? I want to know!” The concept is called leap frogging and it was first introduced to me by my friend, colleague and mentor, Alexandria Brown. It’s a concept that eliminates the old corporate paradigm of ladder climbing; the concept of having to “pay dues” or “work hard and struggle” to get ahead.

Leap frogging, in my opinion, is a spiritual practice because it requires raising your emotional and energetic state above that which you currently experience, and trusting in God/Source/Universal Flow. For instance, if you’re a $75/hour coach and feel comfortable with that rate, you would leapfrog by lifting yourself to the feeling of being a $250/hour coach (or whatever rate you desire), AND you’d deepen your connection to the Universal Source that is conspiring for your greatest good.

There isn’t any law that says you have to work hard and climb ladders; that’s simply an illusion. God says, ‘Even before you ask I will have answered.’ So, what you’re asking for is already there for you... IF you are aligned with your desire. What I mean by that is, if you say you want to be a $250/hour coach and feel like a fake when you say it, you are not a aligned with what you desire... you are aligned with feeling like a fake. So, of course, the Universe cannot deliver on such a misaligned intention and leap frogging is impossible.

So, the real job of leap frogging is doing the inner work of having your emotions and your energy fully resonate with ‘what you say you want’. This, my friend, is the path of the conscious entrepreneur; it’s a continual evolution in your awareness, energy, emotions, desires and your connection to the limitless Source that provides you everything you desire.

I’d like to share a quick story about one of my personal experiences with leap frogging. It was at my Conscious Business Retreat in 2006 where I was reintroducing myself as a coach after taking some time off to start my family.

When I had stopped coaching in 2003, I charged $350 per month for three 45-minute sessions. After all, that was what I saw most coaches doing, so I figured I would do the same thing. But, now that I was reintroducing my coaching services, $350 didn’t feel right anymore. And, so I began the journey of developing my new programs and rate structure. I consulted with colleagues, took into consideration my life, the value of my time, the types of clients I wanted to work with, and created a coaching offering that met all of my needs.

When I crunched the numbers and assessed what my hourly rate should be, I nearly fell over. My calculation (based on Dan Kennedy’s formula to determine the value of your time) was $500/hour... a far cry from $350 per month. And, I was designing a coaching package that included 11 hours of my time which totaled $5,500 per day.

I had quite a challenge saying that number without coughing or gasping in the middle of it rolling off my tongue. So, before I introduced this package, I spent some quiet time meditating in the mountains and allowed a number slightly less than $5,500 to resonate with me. It was a culmination of the loving guidance I received from colleagues, and allowing myself to get quiet with God to see what felt right in my heart. I knew I ‘hit the mark’ when I sold out my coaching spots within 24 hours. The more I evolve and learn, and the more I connect with Source, the easier it’s been to raise my rates. Now my intensive coaching days have been raised to $5,500 and I don’t cough at all when I say it.

This is the heart of leap frogging, you must become an aligned match with that which you desire. And, it all begins with an honest assessment of where you stand right now with regard to your desires, and your faith in them being realized. Every journey has a starting point from which you will grow, evolve, and transform. Your starting point is right here, right now, and the path that lies ahead is illuminated and waiting for you to take your next leap.

© 2007 Christine Kloser

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