Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Three Reasons to Diversify Your Learning

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a seminar room hearing the same information over and over again? I admit this has happened to me many times. While business seminars are a great way to network, be “visible”, and learn (or be reminded of) some great business strategies, it’ll serve you well to diversity your learning.

I speak about this from the personal experience I recently had at the Evolutionary Women retreat. It was the first “non-business” event I attended in more years than I care to count. I had been so focused on “business, business, business” that I only invested my time, money and energy in business focused seminars and conferences. Along the way, I’ve learned invaluable information that has changed my business, and my life.

But, it’s gotten to a point now where I realize I know everything I needed to know to grow my business right now. I don’t need any more information... or any more ideas to distract me from my mission and purpose. (I’m sure you can relate to what I’m talking about.) Sure, I’ll still attend business event for the networking aspects, but I’ve decided to invest more of my time, money and energy into more diverse events this coming year.

There are three reasons to diversity your learning, especially as a conscious entrepreneur; because your business only evolves as much as you do. If you’re not exposing yourself to new and diverse environments for learning, you may be missing out on the exact experience that’s going to help everything fall into place. So, get ready to open your heart and soul to new opportunities that excite, and call you... opportunities that invite you to discover and BE more of who you are. In case you’re not already convinced it’s time to expand your horizons, here are three reasons to get on board:

Reason #1: New Understanding
Notice that I didn’t say new knowledge. You already know so much, I doubt you really need to learn a whole lot more. I use the word “understanding” because, as a conscious entrepreneur, it’s your responsibility to continually deepen your understanding; understanding of yourself, others, your passion, your purpose, your spirituality, your fears, your priorities... everything. The more you understand who you are, where you are, where you’re going and the “reason” for it all... the easier the journey is to getting there. For instance, as a result of being at the Evolutionary Women conference I have a much deeper understanding of how important it is for me to attend more spiritual events. This journey became instantly apparent to me the moment I entered the retreat center.

This type of understanding doesn’t come from sitting in a cramped row of a seminar room; it comes from exposing yourself to new environments that gift you the time and space to be with yourself and others for a purpose other than growing your business.

Reason #2: New Perspective
Allowing yourself to be in a new learning environment opens you up to gaining an entirely new perspective. When you attend the same types of events over and over again (with the same people over and over again) it can begin to feel like very close quarters because everyone already knows you. And as far as the learning and sharing goes, it’s all about the same information making its “rounds” again. Everyone has the same perspective.

Whereas, when you enter into a completely new learning environment, it’s easy to gain a new perspective because you’re surrounded by people who don’t already know you. The beauty in this is that they see (and respond to) exactly who you are right now, rather than who they knew you to be yesterday. This presence of moment is a gift that can very easily open your eyes to a new way of being, new wisdom, new insight and a new perspective on what’s next for you. I invite you, like I did, to attend an event where nobody knows you... you’ll also see YOURSELF from a new perspective.

Reason #3: New Relationships
The third reason to diversify your learning is to establish new relationships, because relationships are the most valuable asset you have in your business. When you diversify your learning environments, you instantly diversify the types of people you meet and the relationships you establish. It’s such a gift to enter a new environment without a “business” agenda. There’s space for you to know someone for who they are outside of business, and vice versa... you’ll be known as someone other than the person on your business card. The connections can run much deeper when it’s not about business first.

For instance, when I was at Evolutionary Women, nobody knew me as “The Conscious Business Coach” or a book publisher. And, I established the beginnings of some great relationships that were not based on business. But, as it turns out these relationships are already translating into business. I’ll be publishing a book for many of the women that were there, got a speaking engagement, and I met someone who is going to promote my upcoming book, The Freedom Formula to her list of nearly 40,000 people. We connected from the heart first, and things transpired from there.

As you can see from these three reasons to diversify your learning, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I admit, sometimes it’s scary to enter a new room where nobody knows you, and all the faces are new. But, there’s such extraordinary possibility that occurs in these new environments that it’s well worth taking the risk to try something new.

© 2007 Christine Kloser

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