Sunday, November 23, 2008

Conscious Business: How Are You Thinking About Your Business? A look at turning thoughts into profit.

Take a look around you. Every thing you see in the world today was once only a mere thought, a dream, a blueprint. The chair you’re sitting on, your computer, your car, your home, etc. Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted the fact that everything in our world was once only a seed planted in someone’s mind. That’s how powerful thoughts are!

What you think about you bring about! This is why thoughts can create such beautiful things as art, architecture, life-changing books, music, technologies for advancement, etc. Ideas and beliefs can lead you to create a multi-million dollar purposeful business, or they can cause you to struggle forever. In short, right at this very moment, your thoughts are leading you moment by moment towards one of two results... sabotage or success, destruction or creativity, fear or faith. Every thought, intention, idea, image, feeling, experience, success, failure, opportunity and challenge have brought you to where you are in your life right now. Sometimes it’s important to think about your THINKING to understand why you ARE where you are.

Answer me honestly here... have you stopped to really contemplate how you THINK about yourself and your business? If thoughts are in fact the most powerful tool you have, you’ve got to harness their power and master using them wisely so you can build a business that brings you purpose, passion and PROFIT!

In case you haven’t read it yet, I write more about the power of thoughts in my award-winning book The Freedom Formula because your success DEPENDS on your ability to focus on thoughts that serve your highest self, and your grandest vision. I’ve got to believe that if you’re reading this article right now, you agree you’re a powerful being with infinite potential. And, you probably feel READY to take charge of your own life, as the director of your own thoughts... and create the reality you want to experience by living out your highest calling in a profitable way!

Conscious entrepreneurship is about having a positive, lasting impact on the world...through your business. You have a message to share, valuable information that changes people’s lives and you want to reach the ‘masses.’ The reality about fulfilling this vision and dream is that it takes consistent positive thoughts and beliefs to grow and sustain your business at this level of success.

The easiest way to keep your thoughts on the positive is to train your mind to look for the GOOD in everything. Computer’s running slow? Great! It give you time to slow down and focus on something else for a change. Dinner burned? Terrific! Maybe you were supposed to eat something a little more healthy. Whining children driving you crazy? Fantastic! It’s a beautiful opportunity to practice patience. Can you see how something as simple as looking for the good can change everything?

Now, when thoughts of fear, doubt, lack of confidence, unworthiness start creeping in you can look for GOOD here too. Fear shows up so you can have more faith. Doubt shows up so you can learn conviction. Lack of confidence shows so you can see where you need to develop more confidence. And, unworthiness shows up so you can finally discover your true worth. This is called the Law of Polarity, my friends. Every negative thought you have already has the opposite POSITIVE thought within in.

So, no matter what your mindset is, know that in each and every moment YOU have the power to choose a thought that serves you. The power lies within your own mind... so use it, and watch your dreams unfold.

© 2008 Christine Kloser

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