Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Conscious Business: How to Shed Energetic Weight So Your Conscious Business Can Fly

Does your business ever feel “weighed down” to you? Like there’s something invisible holding it back from reaching its’ (and your) highest potential? This kind of “energetic weight” puts you and your business in a danger zone. And, often times it’s not what’s happening in your business that’s causing the sluggishness; it’s what’s happening in every other part of your life that’s affecting your business’ bottom-line.

If you want to reach your destination (your goals and dreams), you’ve got to identify the “weight” in your life and know how it energetically affects your conscious business. Once you do that, you can begin making the shifts necessary to release these energy drains and let the abundance and joy flow into your life, and your business.

There are two strategies I recommend to help you identify and release those things that are energetically holding you back.

Strategy #1: Take Inventory

One sure-fire way to help your business lift-off is to give yourself the gift of taking an “inventory.” No, this is not the time to count how many products you have ready to ship to customers; rather, this is the time to ask yourself questions that give you clarity on how your feelings, beliefs, stresses, circumstances and attitudes (about every part of your life) are affecting your business. Because, the truth is your business is a reflection of EVERY area of your life.

So, I invite you to begin asking yourself some of these questions. (If you haven’t gotten to it yet, my book The Freedom Formula, goes into a lot more detail on this process.) But, for now, you can begin by reflecting on these areas of your life:

Personal (health, relationships, family, recreation, hobbies, etc.)
Spiritual (faith, love, fulfillment, contribution, etc.)
Financial (gross revenues, expenses, net revenues, investments, savings, debt, etc.)
Business (mission, vision, products/services, operations, team, marketing, fulfillment, etc.)
Simply begin by reflecting on these areas and asking yourself these questions: 1) what is your current experience in that area; 2) what is your level of satisfaction and joy in that area; 3) what are your challenges in that area; and 4) what is your highest vision for that area of your life?

As you do this, be sure to keep in mind that you’re not looking at these areas to identify points of separation. Instead, you’re taking this inventory so you can find threads, themes, consistencies, unity and ultimately a fully integrated picture of your life. Because, it’s your integrated life that’s going to have the greatest impact on your business... that’s when you live in the FLOW, and manifest your desires with ease and with grace.

Strategy #2: Delegate

Another strategy that will help you shed energetic weight is to delegate the things on your to do list that don’t bring you joy. Why? Because when your “to do” list is filled with tasks you don’t enjoy, your energy drops... your frustration increases and the FLOW of everything good basically comes to a halt. On the other hand, when you do those things that bring you joy, you experience MORE joy, more love, more fulfillment, and more light as you feel more connected, more peaceful and more on purpose. Get the idea? It’s a snowball effect. Now, you may be asking yourself, can delegating really help you experience all this? And the answer is yes!

It’s easy to get started. Simply write down a list of everything you do and categorize your “to do” list according to these four categories: 1) don’t like doing; 2) love to do; 3) can be done later; and, 4) not worth doing at all. Once you have your list organized, start with the “delegate” list and identify at least three items you can hand off to someone else. And, use your newly found time to focus on the second category... things you LOVE to do! Then, notice how this shift helps to eliminate some of that “weight” you’ve been feeling in your business.

Using these two strategies (taking an inventory and delegating what you don’t enjoy) are two critical factors that’ll help you step into the abundant flow in your business. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how implementing these simple strategies will help you feel lighter in your business, more joyful in your life and more easily able to attract more of what you want. Once the energetic weight is gone, the good just keeps on coming!

© 2008 Christine Kloser

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