Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to Be Your Authentic Self in Business, Part 2

Authenticity in business is going to be the only way to thrive as our business climate continues to evolve and transform along with the rest of our world. I'm sure you can feel this shift happening on multiple levels as news of the "real" world clearly indicates (as Rev. Michael Beckwith says) a BIRTHQUAKE is happening.

And, in the birthing of a new way of life on planet Earth, for those who choose to be part of this evolution and part of the change that causes a positive transformation... it's going to be essential that you stay grounded in your authentic self, and remain true to who you Divinely are.

So, who are you? And, how is your authentic self expressed? For me, I believe this boils down to one thing that lives inside all of us, and that is LOVE!

Think about this for a moment. What would our financial/business world look like today if everyone in business operated from a place of love? It's easy to imagine, as it would likely be the exact opposite of the large scale demise we're seeing in the traditional "old paradigm" of business. Yes, what would be possible for our world if business were truly based on love?

I can tell you from my own experience the more I bring love into my business, (and the way I express myself through my business), the more success I enjoy, the more fulfilled my clients feel, the more growth and understanding I embrace, the more resources manifest, the more energy I experience, the more grace I feel, the more I love myself... as the cycle of love spirals upward again.

Now, I understand you may be wondering exactly how love shows up in my business, so let me share an example with you that I think will drive home this important point.

Loving My Audience

As I sat a few weeks ago at the speaker's table in the back of David Neagle's seminar room, I felt a nudge inside of me. The nudge said to completely dismiss the talk I had prepared to give that night. "What? Are you crazy?," I said to myself. But, but, but... but my PowerPoint was done for the talk already; but I was supposed to craft a speech that would lead to a sale at the end of my talk; but I didn't have time to put together a new talk; but what if I blew it changing course at the last minute? But, still... the nudge remained.

So, during lunch I mentioned to the friends I was with that I had this feeling I should throw out the talk I was going to give and speak directly to something I felt very strong about on an energetic level while I was sitting in the room. I told them what my nudge said, and they confirmed 110% that I DID need to scrap my old talk and talk about what I felt needed to be talked about.

So, when I thought about what was at stake both for me and the hundreds of people in the audience, here's what I discovered. What was at stake for me in changing my talk last minute was not looking good, not having time to create a new PowerPoint, not having the space to truly reflect on what I wanted to communicate, etc. (These are things that in the past likely could have stopped me from listening to the nudge.)

Then, as I thought about my audience and what was at stake for them (if I kept myself safe and didn't listen to my inner guidance), what became clear to me is they would leave the event not getting what they needed to take what they learned and truly integrate it into their business and their life.

As soon as this reality struck me, my love for the people in the audience quickly made my decision for me and I followed my heart and gave the talk I was inspired to give, rather than the one I had well prepared.

The result of choosing LOVE instead of fear was phenomenal. Every word of my talk felt touched by grace as I felt guided to share exactly what needed to be shared, when it needed to be shared, without having my rational mind get in the way. And, the response and gratitude I heard from so many of the attendees was overwhelming. So many people thanked me for following my intuition, for being authentic and willing to risk "not looking good" in order to deliver what I felt they needed.

So, this is how LOVE shows up as authentic expression in business. It's about making the decision that is best for the people you are meant to serve, rather than making the decision that will best serve you. True authentic expression in business comes most naturally when you embrace that you and your business are here to love, and to serve. Let that guide you and I assure you grace will bless every step of your journey.

© 2009 Christine Kloser

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