Friday, January 4, 2008

4 Simple Steps to Set Your 2008 Intentions

At the beginning of the year, you may find yourself stuck between celebrating the success of last year, planning for the New Year and perhaps overwhelmed by everything you have on your full plate. You’re not alone. Most conscious entrepreneurs go through this type of celebration, anticipation and yes, sometimes even overwhelm. That being said, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to take some time to get laser-focused on what you want to experience and manifest this year.

For the past 5 years, my husband and I have always spent New Year’s Day clarifying and writing our intentions for the New Year. This ritual is a highlight of the year and one that continues to catapult growth on all levels, and help me fully prepare for the year... mentally, emotionally, practically and spiritually.

You’ve probably heard that the most powerful thing you can do to manifest your goals is to write them down! There is something about putting your goals in writing that begins to align the Universe to help you realize them (or something better).

The following four step process is one of my personal New Year strategies. I hope you’ll print this out and get started with your intentions today!

Step 1: Complete

The first step to setting clear intentions for the New Year is to feel complete with the events and experiences of the last year. To do this, simply reflect on the past year... beginning back in January. In your mind, run through the year noting the accomplishments, challenges, successes, growth, opportunities and gifts that you experienced. Once you’ve taken time to reflect on the past year, allow yourself to release anything that you may be hanging on to. Take several deep relaxing breaths as you envision completing the year and become fully present to this moment and all the potential that lies ahead for this year.

Step 2: Celebrate

Next, take out a pen and paper and write a list of everything you have to celebrate from the past year. Focus on all areas of your life, including spiritual (connection to God, meditation, spiritual practice, spiritual community, trust in Divine plan, etc.), personal (health, relationships, fulfillment, family, friends, community, love, etc.), financial (overall financial health, income, debt reduction, investments, money management, etc.), business (new strategies, marketing programs, joint ventures, products and services, client successes, gross income, profitability, support, etc.). Take time to complete your list thoroughly and review it to fully embrace your success and evolution this past year.

Step 3: Focus

Once you finish completing and celebrating, now become focused on all that you want to manifest this year. Simply create the picture of this coming year in your mind’s eye, getting a clear vision of what you intend to manifest and experience (don’t write anything down, yet... just envision it in your mind and feel it in your heart). Again, as you did in Step 2 “Celebrate”, be sure to include the areas of spiritual, personal, financial and business.

Step 4: Commit

The last step is to commit your intentions for the year by putting them in writing. This is the most powerful step of the journey; it’s the beginning of taking the vision in your mind and bringing it into reality. There are two different methods I recommend for writing down your intentions for the year, choose the one that feels like the right fit for you: 1) write a description of your year from the standpoint of January 1, 2009 including all the details of what has transpired during this year... be grateful in advance! 2) Write a bullet point-list of your intentions for the year in each of these 4 areas (spiritual, personal, financial and business). You can write your list on index cards putting one area of your life on a different card.

Once you complete this four step process (hopefully you’ve also listened to the guided meditation on this process), there is one last BONUS step to include with all of your writings. And, that is to write “this or something better” at the bottom of the paper. Because, as expansive as your intentions and vision for this year are, God/The Universe sees so much more for you. There are gifts waiting for you that you cannot begin to imagine. So, enjoy being clear and energized about this incredible year knowing that you also leave space for miracles to occur.

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