Monday, February 4, 2008

Be Open to Receive

For many of conscious business owners, you're very used to giving, serving and being there for others. Receiving, on the other hand, doesn’t come as naturally. To give you an example, recall a moment when you received a genuine compliment from a friend. What did you do? Chances are you down played whatever they acknowledged in you. Compliments are rarely received with a simple, “thank you.” There’s usually something attached to it to diminish the significance of that which you’re being complimented on.

Perhaps it comes from a society that told you, “don’t be too full of yourself,” “it’s not nice to brag,” and the list could go on and on. Culturally we are not raised to hold our heads high and say “thank you,” I appreciate your acknowledgment and I agree with you. Whatever the reason for this dismissal of receiving compliments doesn’t matter. What matters is that you become aware of how you personally stand in this regard and begin accepting compliments in a completely new way.

So, why are we talking about compliments, and how to accept them? Because it’s a lesson in Receiving 101. How you receive a compliment is indicative of your overall ability to receive. The next time someone gives you a compliment, whether it’s for your fantastic shoes, a stellar speech, or your ability to listen and support, practice simply saying “thank you.” And stop there! Do not justify, do not explain how you got the shoes on sale, or didn’t really think your speech was very good, or that it was “nothing” to be there for a friend. These are all ways to show the Universe that you are not ready to receive... anything. How can you receive money, love, or fame, whatever you desire, if you can’t receive a compliment on your new shoes?! Think about it.

Another fantastic way to exercise your receiving muscle is around the good green stuff. No, not wheat grass... we’re talking about money, here! Have you ever done this? You receive a payment for one of your products or services, and rather than expressing your deepest gratitude for receiving the money (even if it’s only a $20) you dismiss the money with an instant thought of how it’s not enough. Well, what kind of message are you sending to the Universe when you do this? How can you expect to attract thousands of dollars, perhaps millions of dollars, if you have no appreciation for $20?

I can only share this with you because I’ve been guilty of this myself. There have been times when I would attract even thousands of dollars, and the first thought in my mind was, “it’s not enough, I need more.” Rather than, “thank you!” It was like a magnet with a negative force that repelled money away from me. And it will for you, too. I’ve even learned to stop and pick up pennies I see lying on the ground (thanks to T. Harv Eker), with the awareness that those pennies remind me to acknowledge my gratitude for receiving even the smallest amount of money.

So, now I ask you to take an honest assessment of how your receive money. Do you receive $1,000 differently than $10? What do you need to do to have the same feeling of gratitude no matter what the amount is? This is your exercise. Begin looking for pennies on the ground, and picking them up with a feeling of gratitude, as if it’s a “God wink” especially for you. If you receive checks, when you endorse them write the words “thank you” on the check. Chellie Campbell taught me this strategy several years ago, and it works.

If you have an Internet based business and you never physically hold the money, but simply see a receipt that a deposit has been made to your bank account, take a moment, when you get the receipt, to acknowledge receiving that money as if it were handed to you. You can simply say the words “thank you” out loud as if you were talking directly to God for sending the money to you. If you’d like you can add a statement like this, “I gratefully receive the money you have sent to me. I acknowledge this money as a Divine gift and accept it with joy and gratitude.” Notice the difference between this statement and the words, “It’s not enough, I need more.”

Now, make a conscious choice to appreciate every dollar (every penny) that you receive. Trust that the Universe hears you loud and clear... and will send plenty more money to you. And, be thankful in advance for receiving that which is coming your way!

©2008 Christine Kloser

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