Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why (and How) Speed Matters

You may be asking how to walk this fine line between creating a hugely expansive vision, and not having it bring up negative emotions. I want to share a principle here that will help you walk this line with ease, trust and joy. This is something I learned walking through my own challenges along the entrepreneurial journey. Because, let’s face it, it’s not easy to create a whole new and exciting vision for your business (and your life) when you may not know where our next month’s rent (or sometimes your next day’s meal) is coming from.

The principle is that of speed. Often, when you think of speed, you think of executing an action in the physical world. The speed in which you make a follow-up call, gather information, get a product to market, make more money, build your website, etc. It’s all about the physical, tangible world of “making things happen.”

But, the speed I’m talking about here, to keep you energized and inspired about your vision, is the speed in which you reconnect to your Source when the feelings of fear, doubt, despair or lack creep in. When you’re able to raise your awareness to the infinite supply of the Universe and to the Divine Perfection of your life, you’ll see that whatever is happening in the moment is part of the Divine Plan. You’ll be able to manage the negative emotions more easily and rise back up into the higher emotional states much more quickly.

No matter how difficult a challenge you may be facing, the ability to connect with Source quickly is the key to moving through it. This principle really showed itself to me when I experienced a miscarriage with my second baby. I had wanted nothing more than to bring another child into our family. So, you can imagine my despair when I miscarried the day after Christmas in 2006 (after having announced the pregnancy as a gift to our families on Christmas day). I remember when the loss finally hit me on a deep emotional level four days later; I simply crumbled into a pile of tears on the cold tile floor in my bathroom. I sobbed uncontrollably at the depth of the loss I experienced in miscarrying.

But, during my intense and cathartic cry, I somehow made my way to my journal and began to write about what I was experiencing. Through my writing, I was able to reconnect with Source and the feeling that somehow, this too, was happening in alignment with my Divine Plan. I shifted how I related to my loss and despair and gained a new perspective in which to move through this experience... right in the middle of the moment I was feeling it the deepest. The speed in which I consciously connected to Source was integral in the rapid and radical transformations I made in my life and my business as a result of this loss in my life.

I trust you’re beginning to see how it is possible to create a vision larger than anything you’ve dreamed of before, while being able to manage any negative emotions that come along with that vision. You maintain a conscious awareness of the infinite abundance of the Universe/God.

In the world of high performance sports training they do something called speed drills, where the sole focus of the exercise is to consistently increase speed. Consider this your own personal speed drill. It may take a while to strengthen your speed “muscles” because they may have become atrophied over time. Right now you get to recondition those “muscles” to respond to heavier and heavier loads. The “load” in this case is the size of your vision, and the negative emotions that may surface when you’re scared of it. The more expansive your vision is, the heavier the load is which means you have more resistance to work with. The beauty of this is that it’s an oppor^tunity to delve into your spirituality and connect with Source more deeply than ever before.

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