Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Conscious Entrepreneur: How to Trust Your Vibes in Business

Before you read another word... pause and take a deep breath. This is how you begin to trust your vibes in business. Simple? Yes. Effective? Yes. But, how can a simple breath help you trust your vibes? That’s what I’ll be sharing with you here in this article, because in order to succeed as a conscious entrepreneur you’ve got to become an expert at trusting (and listening) to your vibes.

One thing I continue to hear from entrepreneurs is they are so busy working on projects, taking care of clients, marketing their business, etc. that they barely have time to eat, sleep and BREATHE... forget about creating time to meditate, or journal. I have news for you. It’s impossible to trust your vibes in business, when you are completely disconnected from yourself because you “go, go, go” all the time.

I’ll assume that you’d like to learn how to not only trust, but hear your vibes (your inner wisdom) more clearly. So, I’m going to share how I do this in my own life, in hopes it will help you, too.

Step 1: Breathe
Give yourself the gift of deep, conscious breath. If you are holding your breath, or completely unaware of it throughout your day, it’s a sure sign you are disconnected from Source, and your “vibes” won’t have any space to enter.

Step 2: Realize You are a Spiritual Being
Next, in order to connect, listen to and act on your vibes you’ve got to embrace the truth that you are a Spiritual being, above and beyond anything else. In this understanding, you realize that you are never the one “in control”... rather you are an instrument being used to fulfill Divine Destiny on earth. In this experience of surrender, you become more conscious of what is truly unfolding in front of you.

Step 3: Become Still
In a world of ever increasing speed and activity, it’s nearly impossible to hear (or trust) your vibes when you are operating at the “speed of life.” You must become still. You must allow your mind to become quiet so your heart can be heard. When I talk about stillness, I don’t mean sitting down to watch TV, eat dinner, sip tea or anything else. What I’m talking about here is sitting down with your eyes closed for at least 10 minutes a day... without moving a finger. When you bring your physical body into stillness, it allows your mind and heart to open to what is present beyond your physical experience of life. And, this is where you can begin to sense your “vibes.”

Step 4: Do Only That Which Brings You Joy
A simple concept, but challenging to do when the phone is ringing, email is piling up and projects are behind deadline. (I understand... I experience these feelings myself sometimes.) But, the concept of living in JOY and the reality that this is actually your NATURAL state of BEING is at the essence of journeying through life trusting your vibes. You are not meant to struggle, or work hard doing something that doesn’t thrill you. Your Divine nature is to experience joy, so begin to look for those things that bring you joy. And, pursue those avenues. Following your joy is a great way to trust your vibes. Joy will never steer you down the wrong road.

I could write an entire book on this topic (perhaps I will some day), but for now I wanted to give you these four easy steps to begin with. Trusting your vibes is a key element to succeeding in the new model for conscious business success. So, set aside some time for yourself today to breathe, be still, and... follow your joy.

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