Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to Find Your “Tribe”

Have you noticed that successful entrepreneurs all have one thing in common? They all have a “tribe.” It’s true. Think of any entrepreneur who has achieved a certain level of success and you’ll discover they are surrounded by people who support, believe and help them to realize their goals and dreams.

Having just returned from one of my mastermind gatherings in Martha’s Vineyard, it became even more clear exactly how important these types of gatherings are. There is something very powerful that happens when a dozen visionary entrepreneurs gather for a few days to turn dreams into reality. By the end of our two days together we were referring to ourselves as a “tribe” because of the depth of connection we felt, and the level of commitment we have in helping each other succeed.

As we were leaving the restaurant from our celebration dinner, another group of diners came up to us and asked how we all came together. They could tell there was something different about our “tribe” and they couldn’t figure out what it was. The best guess they had was that we were having a “mini” high school reunion... because it was evident to them we’d known each other for decades. Ha! At best, some of us have known each other for 2 ½ years, while some other “tribe” members had just met this weekend. Yet, there was a feeling we have all known each other much longer than that.

So, when we told these diners we were a mastermind group of like-minded colleagues, they wanted to know how we all came together. And, this is what I want to share with you here, so you can find your own “tribe” too.

Step 1: Have a Clear Vision For Your Business
In order to attract like-minded mastermind colleagues (your “tribe”) you’ve first got to get clear on your own vision for business and your life. You will attract the perfect group of people to support you based on your own vision. Like attracts like, so get clear on what you want and it will be much easier to manifest the perfect group of people who are also clear on what they want. This is how you can help each other most.

Step 2: Have a Clear Vision for Your “Tribe”
Now it’s time to get clear on the types of people you want to attract for your mastermind group... your “tribe.” Ask yourself these questions... What types of people do I want to support me in the realization of my dreams? What qualities do I want them to possess? What values and guiding principles do I want them to have? Granted, right now, you don’t know exactly WHO those people are, but you can get very clear about the TYPES of people they are. It’s kind of like identifying your ideal client... you can get crystal clear on the essence of who they are without knowing their face or name.

Step 3: Go Where Your “Tribe” Goes
Here you’ve got to take the next step to go where your “tribe” goes. Identify the LIVE face-to-face events where your tribe gathers. For instance, every single person in my current mastermind group, I met by going to an event where I knew “my people” would be. And, they were. Here’s another example, I was just talking with an entrepreneur who signed up to attend my Freedom Formula Experience and she said one of her top 3 reasons for attending was to be in a room filled with like-minded people... her “tribe” per se. So, take the steps you need to identify where YOUR “tribe” is and do whatever it takes to gather with them.

Step 4: Say “Yes” When The Right Opp*rtunity Shows Up
Too many people attract the right opp*ortunities into their lives, but then don’t say “YES” when they show up. Your job, in order to find your “tribe,” is to say YES when the right situation presents itself. I know it sounds crazy to say “no” when the perfect situation surfaces, but sadly, I see people do this all the time. They let the excuse of time, money, travel, etc. keep them from having everything they want. So, the most important step is this one... to say YES to your “tribe” when they show up.

Now, more than ever, it is absolutely essential to have your “tribe” in place. There’s going to be so much exciting change and evolution over the coming years, nobody is going to make it through alone. Your “tribe” of like-minded colleagues is sure to be one of the most valuable assets you can have in your business (and your life) today.

For those of you who want to join my “tribe” be sure to be one of the hundreds of like-minded colleagues at The Freedom Formula Experience this January.

© 2008 Christine Kloser
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