Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What Do You Choose?

In every moment of your life, lies a decision. And, it's the culmination of these decisions that brought you to where you are today.

You may be thinking you're thrilled with where you are today and you wouldn't change a thing; however, I have a feeling the majority of you reading this article realize there's more to life than where you are right now. And, many of you are looking for ways to experience more of your ama^zing self... you want to realize your FULL potential as a human being, and as a conscious entrepreneur.

So, I ask you this, "Are you making consistent CHOICES that are helping you realize your full potential as a human being, and as an entrepreneur?" Or, are you letting old habits or patterns and fear-based thinking guide the choices you make.

Answer this question for yourself now. Take a moment to think about a decision you've made in the past week. It can be any decision that has some "energy" around it. Allow yourself to step aside and observe yourself and the process you went through in coming to the decision. And, notice what guided your thoughts as you moved through the process. It's likely you either don't know what your thought process was and you just made the decision based on your former decision making patterns. Or, maybe you're seeing what your thought process was and realize it may have had some old "baggage/fear" attached to it.

Since unconsciousness and fear are never good things to bring into making a decision, I want to share with you a few guiding questions you can use the next time you are facing a choice These guiding questions are for any choice you have to make, not only the "big" ones. So, begin using them today and you'll find a lot more peace in the process.

1) What do you really want?
Often times when it comes to making a decision, it's easy to forget about what you really want. Old patterns and habits can cause you to think about what you should do, rather than what you want to do. It's important you take notice here to determine if you're making a decision out of a "should" or a "want." It's always better to decide out of your wants, because if you get wrapped up in the "shoulds" you'll make decisions that bring you further away from expressing who you really are.

2) What is best for you?
Another common default in making choices, is to make them based on what's best for everybody else. (This is related to the "should" syndrome.) But, your true decisions come from knowing what is best for you. Herein lies a challenge for many people because they've been so focused on what's best for everyone else, that they don't even know what's best for them. This will take some inner inquiry to first identify what is truly best for YOU, and then make your decisions from that place.

3) What is your higher self saying to you?
Sometimes when you're making a choice, it's easy to get bogged down in the practicality and the details of the choice. Your perspective can become distorted if you look at the decision too closely. It helps tremendously to rise above the situation, to a higher perspective (that of your higher self) to be able to see everything that's at play regarding your decision. From that elevated perspective it gets much easier to see clearly and make decisions from a larger perspective rather than from the immediate situation in front of you.

These three questions are ones I use for myself when I'm faced with choices in my life and business. They are very powerful tools for self-reflection and self-understanding that will lead you to making decisions that are fully aligned with your highest and best self. It is from that place WITHIN YOU that you'll get what you need to experience all of the freedom (and success) you desire.

© 2009 Christine Kloser

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