Thursday, August 13, 2009

Expansion Through Simplification

In a world being torn apart from the desire for “more, more, more”… something incredible is happening. There is a “shift” underway; from the old, greedy patterns of yesterday to a more simplified and aligned approach to everything.

I was reminded of this again last night as I was watching Dr. Wayne Dyer’s movie “The Shift.” He talked so beautifully about the “morning and afternoon” of life. He refers to this as a shift of moving from an ego-based drive for money, acquisitions and external achievements to a love based desire to be of service, and to experience (and be a source of) peace and love.

I know I may sound like a hippie talking about service, peace and love, but the new business paradigm is based on these very things. I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs I’ve been talking to lately who are fed up with all the hype out there about how you can get ri^ch quick. These are the entrepreneurs who are looking and searching to find true MEANING in their work, and to become more aligned with who they are here to BE, and who they are here to serve… knowing that THIS is the place where abundance of all kinds FLOWS!

This quest is the most valuable and important quest a conscious entrepreneur can go on. It is only through these deep internal shifts in your own consciousness that you can experience the abundance and lasting success you’re looking for in your life and your business. This is a shift toward simplicity, a shift toward your own energetic expansion, a shift toward surrendering and trusting a Higher plan.

So, I want to share with you three of the most valuable lessons I’m learning right now as I expand… through simplification.

1) Less is More
I’ve spoken with several entrepreneurs lately who have hit big milestones in their businesses, who are now questioning and wondering what it’s all for. The overhead is high, the stress is high, the ambition is high… but the quality of life and of “Being” are low. Contraction has been happening in the very space where expansion is most needed. The solution we’re all seeing as we “compare notes” is that the key to growth isn’t “bigger is better”… the key to the growth we’re looking for in terms of fulfillment, satisfaction, ease, openness and grace is SIMPLICITY! Scaling back, saying no, releasing projects, rethinking the “more is better” business model… is what’s leading me and others I know to more freedom and true soul fulfillment.

2) Seek Ease
This has been a huge lesson for me. I’ve run a racket for years that business was supposed to be “hard.” That I was supposed to be juggling many projects at once, that I was always supposed to be in “create” mode, etc. I realize how ridiculous it is to keep striving unnecessarily, yet I was doing it. My focus now, as with many of my colleagues and clients, is turned toward the experience of EASE. With the help of my mastermind colleagues in Connecticut recently, they helped me see that I was trying to “do” way too much, and they called me on it. They helped me see a huge and soul fulfilling oppor^tunity that I’ve been moving away from for 8 years. It hurt to see that I pushed away ease in exchange for “work”…. but I’m glad now that I’m seeing what I need to see and I’m making some new choices. (I’ll be sure to share what’s evolving as soon as it’s ready.)

3) Trust
Above everything, especially when things get more difficult then you ever thought they could… TRUST! This is one of my four “Conscious Entrepreneur” criteria I talk about in Chapter 1 of The Freedom Formula. It’s essential to trust in your Higher/Divine plan as you move forward in your business and your life. I’ve been living in this trust and teaching it for years. Yet, now, with all the change I’m going through on my spiritual path, I’m realizing just how important this one factor is. Growth of any kind can be challenging, but when you breathe and acknowledge the role that God is playing in supporting, guiding and leading you, it gets easier. When you trust, you open up a space where you can see the Universe conspiring for your highest good in every moment. It always is…

These three lessons have been valuable ones for me as I grow, evolve and shift into the next evolution of myself. And, they’ve become a theme for many of my clients, too. Embracing these three concepts will help you experience more of everything you’re looking for in your life and your business. Doing less, seeking ease and trusting are great ways to start experiencing MORE of YOU!

© 2009 Christine Kloser

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