Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Take Time for Yourself

In today’s fast-paced world (a world that is changing by the minute), one of the most important things you ought to be practicing is taking time for yourself. Especially if after reading that first line, there’s a voice in your head saying, “But I don’t have time. There’s too much to do. I’m so far behind. I can’t get everything done. Where will I find the time? I can’t afford to take time for myself. I’ve got to keep driving forward. I’ll take a break once I get through these projects.”

Pardon my directness here, but that’s all B.S. Those voices in your head that say you can’t take time for yourself are not driven by your Higher Self. Those voices come from your ego; from that place inside you that believes in lack, scarcity and fear.

If you were to listen to the voice of your Higher Self, it would be saying things like, “Give yourself a break. You deserve to take time for yourself. You don’t have to get everything done today. Nothing is as pressing as it seems. You don’t have to do it all alone. You are supported by visible and invisible sources. Relax, release, let go and allow grace to guide you.”

If you desire to hear more of your “Higher Self voice” than you do your “ego voice” (which I trust you do) then it’s imperative that you take time for you. It doesn’t have to be time alone, it just has to be dedicated time for you to be asking and answering some deeper questions for yourself. The clarity and knowingness you crave will come from this time you take for you.

The only way I can share this with you is because it’s what I’ve been doing for myself. I’ve enjoy time journaling, meditating, quietly contemplating, praying, and in retreat. In fact in a few short weeks I’ll be spending time at a back to back retreat and spiritual intensive. It’s not the most logical time for me to be taking this time for myself, but it’s necessary. And, I am clear that if I don’t take this time for myself in retreat that I’d end up working harder than I have to, focusing on projects that I’m not meant to be doing, and struggling more than experiencing a state of ease and flow in every area of my life.

So, if you’d like more ease and flow in every area of your life, here are some suggestions based on my personal experience that can help you take time for yourself:

Give Yourself a Break Everyday
Each and every day; dedicate a certain amount of time to yourself. This isn’t time to brainstorm on your upcoming business project, rather it’s time to sit with yourself, to contemplate what’s occurring in your life, to notice what might not be working so you can shift it, to experience what you’re feeling and to allow grace to guide you to more love and more ease.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying between 1 and 2 hours every morning taking time for me. I usually begin by listening to inspiring music to get centered and grounded as I breathe and feel myself in my body. After a few songs, I’ll sit quietly in meditation, and then I’ll come out of meditation to do some journaling followed by a beautiful (and rigorous) walk up and down the neighborhood hills and a healthy breakfast. After taking this time for myself, I feel relaxed and clear as I go about the tasks of the day.

How do you give yourself a break everyday? And, if you’re not doing it now, when will you start?

Engage with Like-Minded People
Another fantastic way to take time for yourself is to engage with like-minded people. I know this may sound backwards. How can spending time with like-minded people be taking time for you? Well, the kind of time I’m talking about isn’t simply sitting around drinking wine and talking about the latest movie or gizmo. Full engagement with like-minded people always lifts you up, shows you more of yourself, helps you learn what you need to learn, and gives you the experience of giving and receiving love and support. And, that IS one of the most soul-nurturing things you can do for yourself.

For me, I participate in two women’s circles in which we gather for the sole purpose of experiencing our Highest Self and being there to help other women experience theirs. Additionally, the work I’m doing with my spiritual mentor requires very active participation with everyone in our group… constantly focused on making the shifts we need to make to experience total freedom in our lives. When I take time to engage with these like-minded friends, I feel totally fulfilled, loved and connected.

Who do you engage with at this level? And, if you don’t have people right now who are able to have this level of engagement with you, what will you do to bring these types of relationships into your life?

Get Away from Your Daily Routine
This one is a biggie! The gifts that await you when you step out of the hectic pace of your life and step into a dedicated time/space for contemplation, clarity and expansion… are miraculous. If you’ve ever gone on retreat, or participated in a mastermind (that’s about more than just business), or have a spiritually-based “girls weekend” (or guys weekend), then you know the value of this time away. The openings that occur when like-minded people gather together in an intimate setting with a common purpose are powerful beyond measure.

Since 2006 I’ve been consistently participating in Mastermind groups where we gather for a few days. It’s so valuable for me to step away from my daily routine and place myself in the environments where transformation and clarity abound. And, since 1997 I’ve been creating space for others to get away and give themselves the gift of time necessary for important contemplation, release and expansion. It’s hard to believe I began this work a dozen years ago, but that’s what I did with my Vision Weekends and continued with my Conscious Business Retreats and now with my Freedom Circle Mastermind.

When was the last time you got away from your daily routine for more than a day to focus on YOU? And, if you haven’t done this for a while (or ever), where will you go, when will you go and with whom will you go?

These three strategies have been vital to my growth as an entrepreneur, and more importantly to my growth as a human being. Choose at least one of these suggestions to get started with today and you’ll begin to experience great shifts in your business and your life. And, if you’re really ready for a huge shift and upleveling into more of your Self, then get started on all three! You’ll put yourself on the fast track to aligned and expansive success.

[NOTE: Since so many of you have been resonating with the concept of expansion through simplification (and these three suggestions are a powerful way to do that), I’m working happily this week to introduce a new service that’ll help you implement all three of these suggestions with my personal help. I’ll keep you posted as things unfold.]

© 2009 Christine Kloser

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