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The ABC's of Conscious Business

The ABC’s of Conscious Business
by Christine Kloser, “The Conscious Business Coach”

Several years ago I started meeting lots of entrepreneurs who were interested in what’s becoming known as “Conscious Business.” Back then, there weren’t words to describe those business owners who believed mindset, trust, manifestation and attraction were just as important as business strategy, planning, learning and marketing. But, there WAS a growing population of business owners who believed it was possible to BLEND intangible and tangible strategies in business. And, from where I sit today, they’re becoming the majority.

People often ask me what it means to be a Conscious Business Owner. While there isn’t a Webster’s Dictionary definition, there are some aspects of conscious business you can embrace today no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey. And, it’s as easy as A-B-C!

Act and Allow
One of the biggest mistakes made by business owners who consider themselves conscious or spiritual, is they spend too much time in meditation and not enough time in ACTION. A successful conscious business owner has to take action in the physical world. Let’s face it. Nobody ever had a big bag of money drop on their head while they were meditating. Money flows to you in exchange for products, services and solutions you offer your target market. And, it’s imperative to take action to effectively find, market to and convert your target audience into paying, satisfied customers.

But, it’s essential not to be 100% focused on action, action, action. It’s equally important to allow the abundance to flow to and through you. So, if your “allowing muscle” needs a bit of exercise, start saying “yes” when people offer to help you. Even something as small as accepting help taking your grocery bags to the car can put you on track for saying “yes” to receiving all that is coming your way.

Bottom-Line and Belief

My greatest personal challenge in building a conscious business was the willingness to look at my bottom-line. I figured as long as I was being of service to others and had enough money to pay the bills; that was good enough for me. But, as I looked closer, I discovered “holes” in my business that were costing me a lot of money. As a conscious business owner, you get to look at everything in your business as an opportunity for learning, growth and understanding.

So, I accepted the importance of my bottom-line, began making different decision, (more strategic decisions) and as a result started making a lot more money. More money allowed me to expand my team, offer new and improved products and services and have a lot more fun doing what I love. So, even though it might not feel conscious (or spiritual) to focus on making money, it’s an integral part of building a successful and conscious business.

The other “B” is belief. To succeed in business, you not only need to believe in your product or service, you’ll also want to believe that the Universe is conspiring for your highest good… even when it doesn’t appear that way in the moment. Having a core belief that you WILL receive the perfect clients, at the perfect time, in the perfect way makes it a lot easier to make it through those “lean” times.

Commitment and Clarity
To quote Goethe, “…the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.” Commitment is where the intangible meets tangible, where fantasy become reality and where providence does indeed move, too. I often hear my coaching clients say that simply making the commitment to work with me as their coach, changes everything (even BEFORE we begin working together). You see, it’s the commitments you make that draw you forward. This is especially true when you make a commitment to someone else.

If you’re stagnant in your business, start by making commitments and deliver on them in a timely manner. The greatest successes I’ve experienced have always been when I committed to do something I didn’t already know how to do. Once I made the commitment, THEN I figured out what was necessary in order to keep my word. I encourage you to make one commitment this week that causes you to stretch in new and exciting ways.

However, before you make your commitment, please have some CLARITY that it is the right commitment to make. You’ll be amazed at the synchronicities that begin happening as soon as you are clear on what you want to create/attract/manifest. Clarity is power and an integral part to a thriving conscious business.

Now that you know these ABC’s, I invite you to see how you are already integrating them in your business. And, if one of them strikes you as something to integrate more of… implement the “A” of action and do something about it today.

© 2006 Christine Kloser

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