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Busting the Myth of "Perfect"

Busting the Myth of “Perfect”
by Christine Kloser, “The Conscious Business Coach”

Have you ever delayed the implementation of a new business idea? You know, you’ve procrastinated on developing a new product, creating a seminar, writing articles or anything else that expands and promotes you and your business. It’s happened to me too, as well as every entrepreneur I know (at some point or another).

In my experience, striving to be “perfect” kept me from doing those things I always said I would do. I believed I had to live up to the “Martha Stewart” standard. That it would be devastating (and people wouldn’t LIKE me) if I produced something less than impeccable. It’s the fear that EVERYONE’S going to find out YOU’RE not “perfect”. It’s refreshing when you realize nobody is “perfect”! Not even Martha.

There is a significant difference between being “perfect” and “perfection.” Here are some basic definitions:

Perfect: Conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal.

Perfection: The state or quality of being or becoming perfect.

Notice that “perfect” is about conforming to some IDEAL, while “perfection” is a state of BEING. I further define “perfection” as something that is ABSOLUTE in every moment of every day, in every experience. Yes, even right now. There is perfection in THIS moment and in the circumstances of your life. If you believe there is a Higher Power in this world that has a plan for YOUR life (and everyone on the planet) then you have to believe that right now IS Divinely perfect for you.

But, just because you live in Divine “perfection”, doesn’t mean life is always easy, that things will be handed to you on a silver platter. In fact, when I was faced with the pain and anguish of deciding whether or not to file bankruptcy, I KNEW somehow (according to God’s plan) the situation was perfect. Yes, it was one of the most challenging experiences I’ve ever been through and making the decision NOT to file, felt as “weighted” as if I had made the decision to file. It was challenging… AND perfect.

In hindsight, you probably notice the most challenging times of your life were the perfect experiences to bring you to where you are today. So, how can you bust through this myth of “perfect” and embrace the journey of “perfection” from this moment forward?

3 Simple Steps For Busting The Myth Of “Perfect”

Be Fully Yourself.

When you accept who you are and embrace your Self fully, it frees you from the myth of “perfect”. Sierra Sullivan, Founder of RAY, says, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” And, I agree. When your image of “perfect” is based on someone else’s definition, you rob yourself of the joy of the JOURNEY of perfection… according to your Divine plan.

Accept Imperfection As Part Of The Journey.
If you delay and procrastinating doing your work in the world because you’re worried it will not be perfect… get over it. I’m sorry to say this so sharply, but it’s true. You are MUCH better off putting your work (speech, product, service, article, website, blog, etc.) out into the world, instead of waiting, and waiting… and waiting. What will happen is your readers, clients, visitors will let you know if something’s not working. In fact, their feedback is necessary in order to improve your work. When you delay putting it out there, you also delay the process of having your work be improved.

Begin With Trusted Friends and Colleagues.
When you’re ready to take action on something you’ve been putting off, it’s an easier “leap” when you have a soft landing pad. What I mean is, have your trusted friends and colleagues see your work FIRST, before you make it public. Have them visit your website, read your article, listen to your ideas for a speech, etc. But, it’s integral to ask them for HONEST feedback and to be willing to HEAR what they say and accept their suggestion, critiques, comments as gifts of love that will help you feel 100% proud of taking it public… even if it’s not perfect!

With these three steps, you’ll feel good about taking action more quickly, getting started on that long overdue project and putting your valuable work out in the world. Remember, it’s about the journey of perfection for yourself, and not conforming to anyone else’s idea. You are complete, whole and “perfect” exactly how you are!

© 2006 Christine Kloser

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