Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to Succeed as a Conscious Entrepreneur (Part 2)

Business planning. Team building. These things typically sound too corporate and boring for a conscious entrepreneur. Right? You’d rather create, collaborate, develop, teach, train, coach, write and help people! I understand; I’m the same way. I admit it; when I first heard about business planning and team building, I honestly wondered what place they had in my small entrepreneurial endeavor… weren’t those things only for big business? Did they have anything to do with my small (and struggling) five-figure business? Heck yeah, they did!

It took somewhat of an awakening for me to fully embrace these two principles in my business… thanks to two of the incredible mentors I interviewed over the past three years. Here’s the insight and wisdom that helped me develop business plan, and grow a stellar team that makes my success possible.

Insight #1: “Business Planning Can Be Fun… and Easy!”
Wisdom From: Jim Horan, Author of One Page Business Plan

Before I interviewed Jim Horan, Author of One Page Business Plan, I had attempted, many times, to write a plan for my business… thinking it had to be a 50 page document I would present to a bank to get financing. But, I wasn’t looking for a loan, so I figured I didn’t need a plan. After all, business planning didn’t appear to be any fun; every attempt I made was painful, laborious and boring. Until, I spoke with Jim.

Jim Horan helped me understand that business planning could not only be FUN, but EASY, too. How, you might ask? By writing your business plan on ONE PAGE! (I have mine hanging on the bulletin board in my office and I read/revise it on a regular basis… it’s a working document for my business.) The simple process that Jim taught me during our interview was so motivating that I immediately purchased his book and gathered a group of like-minded colleagues to work on our plans together. It’s always a treat to look at my plan and see my goals being accomplished.

Something To Think About: How would you and your business benefit from having a written plan in place?

Insight #2: “If You Don’t Grow Your Team, You Can’t Grow Your Business”
Wisdom From: Andrea J. Lee, Author of Multiple Streams of Coaching Income

Team building (much like business planning) was something I didn’t think I needed. I seemed to be muddling along OK in my business with one assistant who helped me with administrative details. I just didn’t see how building my team could help me make more mo^ney. My team always felt like an expense to me… a liability rather than an asset. So, I was not very excited about growing my team. But, I kept hearing about it over and over again; so, I did my homework and found an expert on the topic (who I knew and liked) to help me “get” the importance of a team in my own business.

It was in my interview with Andrea J. Lee, that the light bulb went off around team building. She flipped the switch in my mind that got me away from thinking that a team was an expense/liability, into realizing the value of a team as ESSENTIAL to helping me multiply my business. Having a team gives you leverage. It allows you to focus on your areas of brilliance, rather than trudging your way through those things that you dislike (hmmm… perhaps bookkeeping, web maintenance, customer service, answering phones, general admin, etc.) When you take the leap to get help in those areas that are frustrating (and drain your energy) you allow yourself the freedom to focus on what you enjoy which leads to more creativity, energy, joy, focus, enthusiasm, etc. And, THAT is exactly what it takes to grow your business.

Something To Think About: What tasks do you dread doing in your business? Write them down and place your intention on manifesting someone who loves doing them for you!

Stay tuned for Part 3 of this series next week where I’ll share two more nuggets of wisdom with you.

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