Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to Succeed as a Conscious Entrepreneur (Part 4)

There was a time in my business when I simply did whatever was put in front of me to be done. I was a task-master without a clear vision of where I was taking my business. (I felt as if the ship were steering me more than I was steering it!) You see, I started in business prior to having a solid understanding of some of the most basic success principles. And, it wasn’t until later in my entrepreneurial career that I started learning more about how to experience real (and satisfying) success.

On this journey of understanding true success, I was blessed with interviewing some of the most successful people in business. Today’s article features two of these experts who share key principles that were true turning points in my entrepreneurial career.

Insight #1: “Determine whether you’re in a dip or a cul-de-sac. If it’s a cul-de-sac, get out; if it’s a dip, stick it out.”
Wisdom From: Seth Godin, Author of The Dip

I remember when I first heard about Seth Godin’s book, The Dip. At the time, I was running my former business (NEW Entrepreneurs) and trying hard to make it work. I was stuck in that place of not knowing if I should continue with it or let it go. Then, after reading Seth’s book, I got a clear answer and was so moved by his wisdom that I contacted him for an interview… and he said YES!

During the interview with Seth, he helped me (and hundreds of entrepreneurs listening to the call) get a deeper understanding of how to know whether you’re in a cul-de-sac or a dip. He shared that a dip is simply the extraordinarily challenging part every aspiring entrepreneur goes through before they break through to success; whereas a cul-de-sac is when no matter how hard you try, things will never break through… basically they’re not going to change (at least with that endeavor). While this was difficult information to absorb, it made all the difference in the world in helping me gain the confidence to release my business that was in a cul-de-sac. It was the decision to let go, that created the opening for the success I’m experiencing today.

Something To Think About: Is there an aspect of your business you may need to release because you’re stuck in a cul-de-sac?

Insight #2: “Design your business to create an extraordinary life.”
Wisdom From: Ali Brown, Million-Dollar Entrepreneur Coach

As I shared in the beginning of this article, I used to let my business steer me, rather than me steer it. One of the most influential mentors I’ve had to help me change this is Ali Brown. Ali was the first entrepreneur who helped me “get” that it was my responsibility (and right) to design my business to support the life I dreamed of. Not knowing this information when I got started, I had let my business run my life rather than create it in a way that supported me and my vision for my life outside of business.

When I interviewed Ali on the topic of “designing your business” it was the first time she shared the seven simple principles she used to design her own business to create an extraordinary life. The most important thing I learned from Ali is that it was OK to have a great life. She helped me break the old pattern of believing that you had to work hard and sacrifice your life to be successful. With her insights, I gave myself permission to create a business on my own terms and not feel guilty about having a great life, too. I also “got” that great for someone else wasn’t necessarily great for me. (You’ve got to define what would make your life great, outside of what anyone else thinks about it.)

Something To Think About: What does an “extraordinary life” look like to YOU? And, is there something you need to shift in your business to support that life?

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