Friday, April 2, 2010

Attracting Success

By Christine Kloser

Success is not something you achieve.
Success is something you attract by who you become.

I heard this quote from a 15-year old boy who led a group of teenagers to perform the church service last week. As soon as I heard these words come out of his young mouth, I grabbed a pen and paper to capture this profound piece of wisdom. (You never know who will show up to be your teacher!)

Too often, I see entrepreneurs searching for and willfully working toward an experience of “success.” Heck, this is what I had done for a number of years as I tried strategy after strategy after strategy, following other people’s suggestions about what would bring me success. It worked, to a point. But no matter what I did that was “supposed” to help me achieve success, it never got me to the highest place I wanted to be within myself or in my work.

Success is not something you achieve.
If you are going about your business as if success were something you could achieve, like a goal, you’re going about it the wrong way. I invite you to consider what “success” means to you. Honestly evaluate if it is something you feel happens from outside of yourself. Will you feel successful when you launch a high-ticket program? When you earn multiple six-figures? When you gain a certain amount of visibility and credibility in your market? When you take that vacation, buy those shoes or finish your book?

None of those things are a true measure of success, at least not if you’re on a conscious path of entrepreneurship. If you’re “asleep” rather than “awake” on the journey, indeed some of these things may define success for you. But, if you’re reading my article and connecting with my message, I’ll assume you are “awake” on your entrepreneurial journey.

Success is something you attract by who you become.
Real success is not something you can make happen. You can’t force it, you can’t use your human will to create it, and you can’t follow a calculated plan to create it. As the wise 15-year old shared, success is something you attract by who you become.

So, the question then lies in who are you becoming? Who are you being? How are you showing up in the world? Do you speak of success yet complain that it’s not happening? Do you knock your head against the wall over and over again without stopping to find out what’s happening inside of you? Are you in search of success, but not willing to search INSIDE for the answers?

If success is something you attract by who you become then your main focus on your path of success, needs to be YOU! This has been my own experience. As I took the leap to turn my external focus inward, to search for success inside of myself rather than in what I achieved… everything changed. I’m telling you that if you do the INNER work of success, it has to show up on the outside.

Ever since I started walking the road less traveled and stepped away from the typical “success models” out there in the world, I am feeling and experiencing more success than ever before. But, I’m not working anymore to achieve success. I’m working internally to experience more of who I really am. And, when you’re in a state of being who you are and opening, clearing, healing, trusting, creating, loving, releasing, etc. the Universe does respond!

So, ask yourself this… do you want to achieve success? Or, attract success by who you become? The answer to this question and what you choose to do with it is the most important thing on your plate right now! Give yourself the gift in this moment to contemplate this question, write down your insight and identify at least one shift you can make this week to become more of who it is you want to be.

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