Friday, April 30, 2010

Things Aren’t Always What They Appear To Be

By Christine Kloser

Have you ever been 100% certain that a situation really was exactly what you thought it was; only to find out later you were completely wrong? The truth is things aren’t always what they appear to be. Often when you’re totally convinced that a certain thing is true, you end up finding out it’s not true at all.

I recently met an incredible singer/songwriter, Tiamo, at an event with Christian Mickelson and his song “Universe” speaks directly to this experience. Here are the opening lyrics to his song…

“I had a conversation with the Universe late last night.
It told me that the things I think are wrong always turn out right.
Cause blessings often come to parties uninvited in disguise.
So when you get the door, it’s always best to have an open mind.

Because I believe that everything has Divine reasoning,
and I believe that everything has deeper meaning.”

The truth is that everything does have a deeper meaning. Underneath every supposed challenge or struggle, something deeper is happening.

I’m sure if you take a moment right now to think about a challenging time in your life, you can look beyond the challenge to see the gifts from that experience. Hindsight is always 20/20.

So, are there situations appearing in your life or your business right now that appear to be “true” for you, and are causing you to contract, rather than expand? Perhaps you’re struggling with financial, emotional, relationship or health challenges and you are only seeing what they are at the surface.

I invite you to look deeper at these issues and look for the gift(s) they are here to bring. -What if the financial challenge you’re facing is here to teach you about and bring you abundance?

What if the personal issue you’re facing is here to help you to believe in and love yourself?
What if the relationship issue you’re facing is showing up to mirror back to you the places you need to heal?
What if the health issue you’re facing is surfacing for you to learn to take care of yourself and receive love and support in your life?
What if…
The only way I’ve managed to gracefully move through the challenges I’ve faced (and continue to face) is my commitment to looking beneath apparent circumstances to find the deeper meaning. This is what I hope for you as you journey through your life and business.

You’re always going to be thrown curve balls, especially as an entrepreneur. Your soul signed up for this journey! The truth underneath everything is that you are never given more than you can handle; the Universe is indeed conspiring for your highest good, always… including right now!

So, let go of your grip on what appears to be true in your life, and dig underneath it to see what’s really true. Chances are you will discover a gift that’s been waiting for you. It’s time to unwrap that gift and receive it!

NOTE: If you want to listen to Tiamo’s song “Universe” or view the lyrics, just go to

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